The SIPROTEC 4 7SJ62 relays can be used When protecting motors, the 7SJ62 relay is suitable and manual electric tripping is no longer. Applicability of this Manual. This manual applies to: SIPROTEC 4 Multi- Functional Protective Relay with Local Control 7SJ62/64; firmware. This manual is valid for: SIPROTEC 4 Multi-Functional Protective Relay with Local. Control 7SJ62/63/64; firmware version V Indication of.

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Figure Logic diagram of the intermittent ground fault protection — principle Fault Logging A fault event and thus fault logging is initiated when the non-stabilized IiE element picks up for the first time.


Siemens SIPROTEC 7SJ62 Manuals

Up to four input currents are measured by the device. Both the previous history of an overload and the heat loss to the environment are taken into account. Programming Settings For Tripping Logic Settings For Ground Overcurrent Mnual Directional Overcurrent Protection 67, 67n Functions 2. Thermal Overload Protection 49 Overcurrent Protection 50, 51, 50n, 51n Functions 2.

Page 74 Functions 2. Page Appendix This appendix is primarily a reference for the experienced user. Inverse-time Overcurrent Protection 51 n Creating Oscillographic Recordings For Tests Of course, this is only possible if three phase-to-ground voltages are obtained from voltage transformers connected in a manuxl wye config- uration.



Trip Circuit Supervision 74tc Page 6 The operational equipment device, module may only be used for such applications as set out in the catalogue and the technical description, and only in combination with third-party equipment recommended or approved by Siemens.

Table Initiating automatic reclosure Location Of Ground Connections The successful and manhal operation of the device is dependent on proper handling, storage, installation, opera- tion, and maintenance.

The key C causes the control display to appear in the LCD. Inverse Time Characteristic toc Dynamic Cold Load Pick-up Function 50c, 50nc, 51nc, 67c, 67nc Products for Substation Automation go.

Single-phase Overcurrent Protection Functions 2. Intermittent Ground Fault Protection Functions 2. Mounting and Commissioning This chapter is intended for experienced commissioning staff.


CB open with no trip 79 BLK: Enter text from picture: Setting Enabled considers the three phase currents for total current monitoring. General Device Data Technical Data 4. Page 68 Functions 2. Page 54 Functions 2. High-impedance Ground Fault Unit Protection Page 93 Functions 2.

Load Jam Protection 51m Directional Testing With Load Current Additional Support Should further information on the System SIPROTEC 4 be desired or should particular problems arise which are not covered sufficiently for the purchaser’s purpose, the matter should be referred to the local Siemens rep- resentative. Warning of dangerous voltages Non-observance of the following measures can result in death, personal injury or substantial property damage.


Establishing Information Properties Page 58 Functions 2.

Voltage thresholds and time delays can be set individually for both elements. They can be called up at the front of the device, read out via the operating interface using a PC with DIGSI, or transferred to a central master station via the system interface. This includes in particular: Set Points For Statistic Inverse Time-overcurrent Protection 51, 51n Definite Time Elements Description Of Inrush Restraint Preface Typographic and Symbol Conventions The following text formats are used when literal information from the device or to the device appear in the text flow: Saving Of Waveform Capture Trip Log fault Messages Settings For Phase Overcurrent Protection The flexible communication interfaces are open for modern communication architectures with control systems.

Setting For Trip Circuit Monitor Temperature Measurement Check: The following figure shows the location of the jumpers of interface RS on the interface module.