The Ahiman Rezon Pennsylvania Grand Lodge AHIMAN REZON or. BOOK OF THE CONSTITUTION of. THE RIGHT WORSHIPFUL GRAND LODGE of the. Most Ancient And honorAble frAternity of free And. AHIMAN REZON or The Book of Constitutions of the Antient Grand Lodge of England by Laurence DERMOTT.

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The Grand Lodge must meet in some convenient Place on St.

Many attempts have been made to explain the significance of this title ; thus according to Doctor Mackey, it is derived from three Hebrew words, zhiln, meaning brothers. Men of Honour and Honesty, by whatever Names, Religions, or Persuasions they may be distinguished; for they all agree in the three great Articles of Noah, enough to preserve dezon Cement of the Lodge. The first edition drew heavily on the Books of Constitutions written for the Moderns Grand Lodge by James Anderson but later editions contained more original material and were much more critical of the Moderns so the book is also the story of the rivalry between the two.

The Grand Lodge decreed, that no Person so ahian, nor any concerned in making him, shall be a grand Officer, nor an Officer of any particular Lodge; nor shall any such partake of the general Charity, if they should come to want it. If any Officer of a particular Lodge cannot attend, he may send a Brother that has been in that or a higher Office before with his Jewel and Cloathing, to supply his Room and support the Honour of his Lodge.

Exhibition – Ahiman Rezon: The Legacy of Laurence Dermott

Seeing that extraneous Brothers have been lately made in a clandestine Manner; that is, in no regular Lodge, nor by any Authority or Dispensation from the Grand-Master, and upon small and unworthy Considerations [I ], to the Dishonour of the Craft. And although very few or none of the Brethren arrive to the Sublimity and beautiful Contrivance of Hiram Abif; yet the very Enemies of Free-masonry must own, that it is the most renowned Society that ever was, is now, or perhaps ever will be upon Earth; the following true Description [C ] of the Royal Art will clearly shew its great Use to Mankind.

The words however are not Hebrew. The Wardens shall be true both to the Master and Fellows, taking Care of all Things both within and without the Lodge, especially in the Masters Absence; and their Brethren shall obey them.

None who make a stated Lodge without the Grand-Master’s Warrant, shall be admitted into regular Lodges, till they make due Submission and obtain Grace. Aristotle was demanded what Thing appeared most difficult to him; he answered, to be secret and silent.

The Wardens are chosen from among the Master-Masons, and no Brother can be a Master of a Lodge till he has acted as Warden somewhere, except in extraordinary Cases, or when a Lodge is to be formed, and none such to be hand, for then three Master- Masons, tho’ never Masters nor Wardens of Lodges before, may be constituted Master and Wardens of that new Lodge.

In ancient Times, the Christian Masons were charged to comply with the Christian Usages of each [26] Country where they traveled or worked; being found in all Nations, even of divers Religions. The first edition of the Ahiman Rezon was published ina second one in See new Regulation 1. He kindly received it and read it over, whilst I impatiently waited to hear his Opinion; which at last to my Mortification amounted to no more than an old Hebrew Proverb which Ahiman translated thus: I could mention many other Circumstances of the Excellency of Secrecy; and I dare venture to say that the greatest [9-C] Honour, Justice, Truth, and Fidelity, has been always found amongst those who could keep their own and others Secrets; and this is most nobly set forth by Horace, who says: THE young Lad being come home, his Mother as most of the Fair-Sex, are highly affected with Novelty intreated him to sell her what strange Case had been that Day debated in the Senate, that had Power to detain them so long beyond their usual Hour; The virtuous and noble Youth courteously [4] told her that is was a Business not in his Power to reveal, he being in a solemn Manner commanded to Silence; Upon hearing this Answer, her Desires became more earnest in stricter Enquiries into the Case, and nothing but Intelligence thereof could in any way content her; So that first by fair Speeches and Entreaties, with liberal Promises, she endeavoured to break open this poor little Casket of Secrecy; But finding those Efforts in vain, to Stripes and violent Threats was her next Flight; because Force may compel where Lenity cannot.


IN the following Sheets I have inserted nothing but what are undeniable Truths, which will be found if observed to be of great Use to the Fraternity, and likewise to Numbers that are not of the Society; to the [xvii] latter, because it will in some Measure show them their Folly in ridiculing a Society founded upon Religion, Morality, Brotherly-Love, and good Fellowship; and those of a more gentle and better polished Nature, give them an Opportunity of examining themselves, and judging how much they are endued with the necessary Qualifications of a Free-Mason, before they apply to be Members of the Society.

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Their daring Insults and Attempts most bold? HE is to be a Lover of the Arts and Sciences, and is to take all Opportunities to improve himself therein.

And as it is an organized Body of Men who have passed the Chair, and given undeniable Proofs of their Skill in Architecture, it cannot be treated with too much Reverence; and more especially since the Characters of the present Members of that particular [H] Lodge are untainted and their Behaviour judicious and unexceptionable; So that there cannot be the least Hinge to hang a Doubt on, but that they are most excellent Masons.

Concerning and Installing Grand-Master It was agreed in the Grand Lodge, that no Petitions and Appeals shall be heard on the Annual Grand Lodge or Feast-Day; nor shall any Business be transacted that tends to interrupt the Harmony of the Assembly, but all shall be referred to the next Grand Lodge.

IF so, the worthy Members of this great and most useful Society can never be too careful in the Election of Members; I mean, a thorough Knowledge of the Character and Circumstance of a Candidate that begs to be initiated into the Mystery of Free-Masonry.

Full text of “Dermott L Ahiman Rezon “

But Free and Accepted Masons shall not allow Cowans to work with them, nor shall they be employed by Cowans without an urgent Necessity; and even in that Ahinan they must not teach Cowans, but must have a separate Communication; no Labourer shall be employed in the proper Work of Free-Masons.

HE is to treat his Inferiors as he would have his Superiors deal with him, wisely considering that the Original of Mankind is the same; and though Masonry divests no Man of his Honour, ahlman does the Craft admit that strictly to pursue the Paths of Virtue, whereby a clear Conscience may be preserved, is the only Method to make any Man noble.

THE Benefits arising from a strict Observance of the Principles of the Craft, are so apparent that I must believe every good Man would be fond to possess and practice the same; because those Principles tend to promote the Happiness of Life, as they are founded on the Basis of Wisdom and Virtue. Shewing who ought to preside in the Absence of the Master of a rezn Lodge.

As the Ahiman Rezon is not a secret, but a published book, and the above definition has been omitted from subsequent revisions of the book, the words were submitted to Hebrew scholars for translation upon the assumption that they are of Hebrew origin.

THE Servants of Plancus are much commended, because no Torment could make them confess the Secret which their Master intrusted them with. THEN the Grand-Master placing the Candidate on his Left-Hand, and having asked and obtained the unanimous Consent of the Brethren, shall say after some other Ceremonies and Expressions that cannot be writtenI constitute and form these good Brethren into a new regular Lodge, and appoint you, Brother A.


If any Lodge within the Limits of the City of London, cease to meet regularly during twelve Months successive, and not keep up to the Rules and Orders of the Grand Lodge, its Number and Place shall be erased or discontinued in the Grand Lodge-Books; and if they Petition to be inserted or owned as a regular Lodge, it must lose its former Place and Rank of Precedency, and submit to a new Constitution. rezoh

General Ahiman Rezon Index

A Master-Mason only must be the Surveyor of Master of the Work, who shall undertake the Lord’s Work reasonably, shall truly dispend his Goods as if they were his own, and shall not give more Wages than just, to any Fellow or Apprentice.

The Master and the Masons shall faithfully finish the Lord’s Work, whether Task or Journey; nor shall they take the Work at Task, which hath been accustomed to Journey. Transactions of Lodges to be written in their Books, and Lodges removed shall be reported to the Grand-Secretary. Nothing can prove more shocking to all faithful Masons, than to see any of their Brethren profane or break through the sacred Rules of their Order; and such as can do it, they wish ahimxn never been admitted.

Lodge jurisdiction equal ahimwn from each other 3 — See this rezob in the Regulation for Charity. And for further Satisfaction to my female Readers, and such of the male Sex as to have not the Honour of being initiated into the Mystery, I here beg Leave to treat of the Principles of the Craft so far as comes under the Limitation of my Pen which I hope will meet with a just Admiration, because they are founded upon Religion, Morality, Brotherly-Love, and good Fellowship.

Speak thou art the elder; for it becometh thee; but with sound Judgment; and hinder not Music. All Masons shall meekly receive their Wages without murmuring or Mutiny, and not desert the [30] Master till the Lord’s Work is finished; they must avoid ill Language, calling each other Brother ahimn Fellow with much courtesy, both within and without the Lodge; they shall instruct a younger Brother to become bright and expert, that the Lord’s Materials may not be spoiled.

Free and Accepted Masons have ever been charged, to avoid all Manner of slandering and backbiting of true and faithful Brethren, or rezpn disrespectfully of a Brother’s Performance or Person, and all Malice or unjust Resentment; nay, you must not suffer any others to gezon an honest Brother, but defend his Character as far is consistent with Honour, Safety and Prudence; though no farther.

In whose Power to make new Regulations THESE and such like Benefits, arising from a strict Observance of the Principles of the Craft as Numbers of Brethren have lately experienced if duly considered, gezon be found not only to equal but to exceed any Society in being.

And the new Master signifying his cordial Submission thereto, the Grand-Master ahi,an, by certain significant Ceremonies and ancient Usages, install him and present him with his Warrant, the Book of [G] Tezon, the Lodge-Book and the Instruments of his Office, one after another; and after each of them the Grand-Master, his Deputy, or some Brother for him, shall rehearse the short and pithy Charge that is suitable to the Thing present.

To which is added the greatest collection of Masons’ Songs, etc. HE is not to neglect his own necessary Avocations 1 for the Sake of Masonry, nor rezln involve himself in Quarrels with those who through Ignorance may speak Evil of or ridicule it.

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