Sold Airtronics RDS Manual Aircraft – General – Radio Equipment (FS/W). I brought my brand new Airtronics RDS for Show-N-Tell to the July meeting. The Airtronics manual provides details instructions and diagrams on how to. Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals RDS , , 10M. [ ], Radiant 6P 6H ,

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The manual also has a few “extras” that I thought were very nice touches. The purpose of a Compensation Mixer is to allow one transmitter control input to affect two flight functions.

The only noticeable difference between the two, of course, is the antenna on rdz8000 old 72 Mhz radio is missing in the second picture because the RDS 2. For instance, a radio that ships with “standard” servos might gain a reputation as a beginner’s radio and have more serious pilots pass it over when considering a new radio. Under each channel the options for that channel are laid out in order.

It is a very easy task to accomplish and can be done in a matter of a few seconds. This button is a weak spot, which I really felt could be better.

These functions are identical to those in the Aero Mode even though this is for heli functions. A smaller park flyer receiver is scheduled to come out soon.

The RDS is equipped with trim memory so the radio will remember the trim settings for each plane that is programmed to it.

Airtronics RDS GHz FHSS Radio

I have found that trainer buttons are very uncomfortable and quickly make my fingers, or thumb, cramp up while using them. These new receivers will be more suited for park and foamie flyers. This also comes in handy when setting up new planes as you can use it to see how you have set up items on other airtonics.


STW Stopwatch – Used as a stopwatch or to countdown to a preset time. In the above pictures you can see the “before” and “after” pictures of my installation. Airtronics radios only have a 3-character model-naming field. I was able to duplicate this setup quite quickly with the RDS The RDS allows you to set the amount of differential aileron travel during the landing mode.

When the Swash Dds8000 is selected, the outputs of the Elevator, Aileron, and Pitch servos are mixed to control the pitch of the helicopter’s main rotor.

CNT Center – Changes servo neutral position. D-EL – Dual Elevator Your RDS offers a feature that will allow you to use 2 independent channels so you can use 2 seprate servos for each elevator half.

The manual includes a description of the procedure needed to change the radio from Mode 2 to Mode 1, or vice versa.

Airtronics took a hard look at this and made the decision to simply sell the base radio, and allow the pilot to tailor it to their needs with their own choice of servos and battery. So when this radio was offered to me to review it was a “no-brainer” to have them send it to me! Aircraft Basic Menu Structure. After slipping each antenna into the mounting tube I used a small piece of blue painters tape to hold them in place so they will not slip out during flight. I have always liked the reliability of Airtronics radios, and I feel that the servos from Airtronics are some of the best out there these days.

Because of this and the fact that each manufacture uses a unique encryption of the signal and transmitter ID you cannot interchange transmitter and receivers among manufacturers. Turning the radio over we find the battery compartment.

AIRTRONICS RDS8000 FHSS Quick Start Manual

REV Reverse – Reverses the servo operating direction. The manual is an page document written in black and white. Available on Elevator and Aileron.


The RDS functionally is exactly like the RD in all respects except for the transmitting frequency. The programming matrix for the radio is set up in such a way that it can be navigated without consulting a manual. Located to the left of the battery compartment is the trainer cord connection, which is used when hooking a buddy box up when training a student to fly. All of the controls are right were they “should” be, meaning that I was able to find all of the switches without having to hunt for them with my fingers.

The display for the radio is for the most part a very well designed part of the radio. I like this feature, as it is a dedicated control that doesn’t have to be programmed. This was due to how the plugs were wired.

Index of /global/airtronics/Transmitter and Accessory Manuals

The RDS includes a procedure to reduce the power on the radio in order to perform a range check. Looking at the right side of the radio we find 4 controls located above the right stick.

I wouldn’t be surprised if we don’t see more manufacturers doing the same in the years to come. Instead of “re-inventing the wheel” by building a radio from scratch Airtronics has adapted their very popular 8 channel RD radio to the new 2. EXP Exponential – Changes the linear movement of the servo to the relation of the stick movement. Place the throttle stick in the idle position and ensure that the flight mode switches are set in the Normal N position.

While in the air I noticed that I really liked the feel of the radio in my hands.