Buy The Inflationary Universe on ✓ FREE SHIPPING on qualified orders. These problems would disappear if, in its early history, the universe Alan H. Guth See Focus story: Landmarks: The Inflationary Universe. The Inflationary Universe has ratings and 30 reviews. This is the compelling, first-hand account of Alan Guth’s paradigm-breaking discovery of the origins.

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This page was last edited on 30 Decemberat There are two very important properties of our observed universe that were never really explained by the Big Bang theory; they were just part of one’s assumptions about the initial conditions.

Dec 26, Mike rated it really liked it. For a while, in the early days of developing the inflationary model, we were all very worried that this would lead to a universe that would be absolutely, completely smooth.

What I mean by challenging is not that it was hard to read–indeed, Guth’s prose is very readable and his explanations are clear, concise, and comprehensible–but that the content challenged me to use parts of my brain that I haven’t used recently, and I really enjoyed this mental workout! That, rather than a description of the model itself, is the strength of the book.

This book is presented chronologically, following his and his colleagues’ work through problems and dead ends, and occasionally even events from his personal life. A friend asked me how credible the “multiverse” theories are that imagine our universe as just one of a potentially infinite number of eternally generating bubble-universes, and I realized that I lacked even the basic scientific background concerning the Big Bang or the laws of matter and energy to provide an informed answer or an intelligent guess.


Jun 29, Michael rated it really liked it Shelves: In Edwin Hubble shattered the mystery that our galaxy is not alone in the cosmic void.

Alan Guth – Wikipedia

The same mystery that Greek philosophers such as Eudoxus,Aristotle,and Aristarchus,and Ptolemy grabbled with is the same mystery in the sixteenth century,that Copernicus,Kepler,Galileo and Isaac Newton wrestled with. The great American scientists,Carl Sagan in his book “Dragons of Eden” essentially said that it was a joke to think that primitives lnflationary any notion of a scientific methodology could be capable of such a feat.

Contentious material about living persons that is unsourced or poorly sourced must be removed immediatelyespecially if potentially libelous or harmful. People seem to think that all scientists know everything about everything.

That was bad for the inflationary model, but many of us still had faith that inflation had to be right and that sooner or later the astronomers would come up with something.


I believe our existence is what it is, because that’s what it had to be to exist and for us to be here. The evidence for a theory that’s either the one that I’m talking about or something very close to it is very, very strong. Discovery of cosmic microwave background radiation.

At this time GUT predicts that the super-hot matter xlan have undergone phase transition sudden change in the behavior of the matter and the universe went through a tremendous univrse expansion called inflation to spectacular size of 10exp 23 times the size of visible universe.

The universe then inflated at billion times the speed of light so the homogeneity remained unbroken. The ‘human’ aspect of the various people involved, and the sequence of events that led to the discovery is also refreshing to follow.

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He mentions the Higgs field, false vacuums, quantum fluctuations. The writing is clear, even lighthearted at times, despite the esoteric topics under discussion. The universe is fundamentally a quantum mechanical system, so perhaps quantum theory was necessary not just to understand atoms, but also to understand galaxies.

No one may ever know what “came before” the Universe.

Now, as I venture into the land of more speculative and perhaps sensational theories, I’ll have a reliable touchstone to return to as a point of comparison. Guth first released his ideas on cosmic inflation in a seminar at the Stanford Linear Accelerator Center in earlyinflqtionary he went overnight from being worried about his job prospects to being besieged with offers.

Let me begin with the question of flatness. But it appears that Mr. Jun 20, stephanieisabookworm rated it it was amazing. Coming of Age in the Milky Wayp.

You can even go ahead and calculate the spectrum of these non-uniformities, which is something that Paul and I both worked on in the early days and had great fun with. Guth decided to solve this problem by suggesting a supercooling during a delayed phase transition.

The Inflationary Universe: The Quest for a New Theory of Cosmic Origins by Alan Guth

Without the question answered his inflation theory remains unproven. Soup could be eternal. Space expands but it is a void expansion???? One of the most univeree unsolved problems in cosmology is the ” age-cris”.