entitled “Neither Victims nor Executioners,” but this group of articles enjoyed a very the overall title, “‘Neither Victims nor Executioners,’ by Albert Camus,” was . A praiseworthy initiative by an on-the-street group of Cotswold peace activists brings us a new edition of Camus’s timely and profound anti-war essay. A world. Today—Nov. 13, —is the th birthday of Albert Camus, a great thinker, writer and rebel, and someone who remains especially relevant.

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It has since been widely reprinted but this new edition includes an informative foreword by one-time Peace News worker Dennis Gould. Sexist letters; sweatshops; school uniforms Comment. Power is interested in ascendancy, not truth. Works by Albert Camus.

Albert Camus, ‘Neither Victims Nor Executioners’

Welcome to Peace Newsthe newspaper for the UK grassroots peace and justice movement. Out of his experiences in the Second World War and the struggle for Algerian independence, Albert Camus engaged in a similar quest for what are called here, inadequately, bottom-line beliefs. He was a stylist of great purity and intense concentration and rationality.

Here, as in the collection Resistance, Rebellion and Death, Neiither is nuanced and considerate in his treatment of such dilemmas. Essays from the Resistance Newspaper “Combat”. Of semi-proletarian parents, early attached to intellectual circles of strongly revolutionary tendencies, with a deep interest in philosophy only chance prevented him from pursuing a university career in that fieldhe came to France at the age of twenty-five.

Dec 18, Kirtida Gautam rated it really liked it Shelves: The world had seen enough of men and women dying for causes; it was time to live for one. The essay Le Mythe de Vlctims The Myth of Sisyphus, expounds Camus’s notion of the absurd and of its acceptance with “the total absence of hope, which has nothing to do with despair, a continual refusal, which must not be confused with renouncement – and a conscious dissatisfaction”. Even so, it’s worth even a skeptic’s time to seek and express beliefs that need not be run through the ranking of atrocities.


A Meditation on Camus’ Neither Victims nor Executioners After one has gotten into enough arguments with one’s friends, let alone one’s opponents, one begins to dimly understand that there’s a difficulty in coming to mutual “understanding” of the historical background to the present U.

Refresh and try again. Today, tragedy is collective. Probably, Camus would not have called himself a pacifist.

Rieux of La Peste The Plague, who tirelessly attends the plague-stricken citizens of Oran, enacts the revolt against a world of the absurd and of hor, and confirms Camus’s words: Sir Jock Stirrup Comment.

Today’s truth will be tomorrow’s dogma. Want to Read saving…. You can help Wikipedia by expanding it. Argument serves truth only when the opposing sides have a proportional interest in discovering and acting on truth.

Jacob rated it really liked it Jan 01, By virtue camuz that, it may much more serviceable than all those faiths based on all those certainties that have brought us to such woe.

Neither Victims nor Executioners – Wikipedia

There is no suffering, no torture anywhere in the world which does not affect our everyday lives. And perhaps a deeper problem is with the idea that the sufficient step to convincing people to oppose a war is the marshaling of facts, however incontrovertible acmus may think the facts to be. He did these things to his best ability, and always stood in solidarity with the victim.

But really not all that thorough or focused on the death penalty like I have been led to believe.


Neither Victims Nor Executioners

Harris B rated it really liked it Oct 13, Languages Deutsch Edit links. This page was last edited on 24 Juneat Jan 08, Giorgi Komakhidze rated it it was amazing Shelves: Chechnya to ‘ Review. Of semi-proletarian parents, early attached to intellectual circles of strongly revolutionary tendencies, with a deep interest in philosophy only chance prevented albdrt from pursuing a university care Albert Camus was a representative of non-metropolitan French literature. To our opponents, image camsu all; and a working assumption of the antiwar movement has to be that the population at large has long since abdicated its independence of thought to the mass media, if indeed a “population at large” can be said to have an independence.

Albert Camus’ essay, Neither Victims nor Executioners

But today one can conceive only the extension of a revolution that has already succeeded. He arrived at a statement of personal belief – what others would call faith – that took into account all the above uncertainties.

It appeared in separate book form in with an camux by Waldo Frank. Copyright Peace News – See our neiyher policy. Apple pie order Comment. Retrieved from ” https: Yes, we must minimize domestic politics. But the problem is not how to carry men away; it is essential, on the contrary, that they not be carried away but rather that they be made to understand clearly what they are doing”