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First date of ephenieris and light for that date. Ritchie and Chandler, the department of international exchange of astronomical information.

Suppose the following message be received: Fourth decimal of day Control-word Motion in R. Should circumstances render doubtful the date of discovery, and hence the value of unity in the light scale, the light at first date of ephemeris will Vie taken as unity, and the three right hand digits will in this case always be There can lie no error in the month itself, since the ephemeris will always begin within a few days following the date of the despatch.

Was discovered by Wan observed. The following control-word is one fourth of the sum of the four number-words pre- ceding it. These are elliptic elements.

Tin- seventh word will be a control-word, and equal to one-fourth of the sum of the preceding six number-words ; thus: Dates of the observations from which the orbit is calculated.

This phrase-word will always be followed by a munber-word, the three places on the left Indicating the brighter phase in magnitudes and tenthsand the two places on the right, the difference in” bright- ness expressed also in magnitudes and tenthsto be added to the brighter encubietra to express the fainler. The name of the discoverer, place of discovery, date of discovery ; any or all.


Sometimes, in the haste of preparing a message, the words are selected from the figures in the computation itself, without writing them out azercion for the message, and in such cases errors like the above are possible. Chandler and Ritchie in The Declination is to be converted into North Polar Distance, expressed in degrees, minutes and seconds.

It h word in section [Coi.

The epoch of minimum is July 17, l. It has a daily motion in R.

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The following is the scheme of a six-word position message, which is well adapted to send cither an accurate or an approximate position: Thus, if the date of a position is May The place on the left of each number-word will give the degree, the next two places the minutes, and the two right-hand places the seconds. The period is short. Third North Polar Distance. For the expression of an approximate position, words 2, 3 and 4 should be given to the neare.

The system of provisionally designating comets by the letter corre- sponding to the order of their discovery in the year, is retained because it furnishes so excellent a means of referring briefly to any particular comet. The three dibits on the right will serve to give the estimated light of the comet on the first date of the epliemeris.

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When it is desirable to send the name of the discoverer, the place or date of discovery, any one of these items or all of them, they should follow the Phrase-word in the order suggested. IKTY Your telegram has been received. Some inconveniences in the use of the previous edition of the CODE, which WITC due almost entirely to the defective character of the diction- ary provisionally used, have been obviated by the numbering of the words and the removal of ambiguities.


The first of the number-words gives the difference in A. The time of perihelion passage is to be referred to ireenwich. The continuity of the ephemeris would be broken by error among the words representing it, and it would be as, extremely exceptional case in which the erroneous word or words could not be determined and corrected.

It is very convenient, and sometimes very necessary to telegraph other data. This phrase-word will be used in connection with a seven- teen-word despatch giving the other elements and ephemeris Part I.

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Thus, a daily motion of 27′ in Kiht Ascension would le expressed by aserrcion This pln-iisi’-worcl is to be iinmediatel. O I July 0.