We report a case of primary cutaneous infection by the emerging fungus Aspergillus ustus in an immunosuppressed patient after a domestic accident. Aspergillus ustus is a mold that rarely infects humans; only 15 systemic cases have been reported. We report the first outbreak of invasive infection caused by A . Med Mycol. Jun;45(4) Clustering of invasive Aspergillus ustus eye infections in a tertiary care hospital: a molecular epidemiologic study of an.

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Members of this group are rare human pathogens; only 15 cases of systemic infection have been reported in the literature sinceand more than half of these occurred in the past 10 years Table A1 4 – This study also emphasizes the importance of establishing microbial diagnoses to the species level; information obtained is important for infection control and, possibly, to guide antifungal therapies.

The pH of the medium asperglilus not modified by the species final pH 6. Specifically, genomic rearrangement with recombination, which has been postulated to occur in several species of Aspergillusmay increase the variation observed between related strains Guide to clinically significant fungi.

Aspergillus infections are being increasingly recognized as an important cause of morbidity and blindness.

Aspergillus ustus is among the most ubiquitous soil species but it is more frequently found in asoergillus and subtropical areas. Infections caused by A. Such intensive monitoring may show similar outbreaks in other facilities.


Although these toxins may be medically important, the quantities of toxin produced in the environment may not be significant 28 However, in recent years, IA has been increasingly caused by non- fumigatus Aspergillus species. However, the true incidence of A. We identified 2 clusters of A. The band patterns from each gel with each primer were analyzed by using tools for population genetics analysis TFPGA unpub.

Ustuw isolates exhibited decreased susceptibility to antifungal drugs, especially azoles. Centralbureau voor schimmelcultures, Baarn, Delft, Gel images A and composite dendrogram B are shown. Although discriminatory power of RAPD analyses has some limitations 33the composite analysis demonstrated large separations between patient isolates and the control ATCC strain.

Aspergillus ustus

The highest overall attack rate in HSCT patients was 1. Of note, the lung transplant patient appeared to be colonized with a strain of A. Charts were reviewed for clinical data demographics, underlying disease, transplantation characteristics, antifungal therapies, radiographic and laboratory studies, and outcome. The growth of the species basidifies the medium final pH 8. ustue

Aspergillus ustus – Wikipedia

These cases illustrate the potential for uncommon species like A. Three isolates from patient 5 were genetically most similar to the isolate from patient 2. The spot map and time line showed that cases clustered mainly along 2 corridors on 2 floors, 1 directly above the other, around the time of diagnosis.

Recognition of time-clustered cases in prompted us to do this retrospective study and epidemiologic investigation. Our study is limited by the lack of local environmental A. Spot map illustrating case-patient location on the northwestern wing of the eighth floor 8NE and the seventh floor 7NE from the left panel and outbreaks right panel at the time of case diagnosis.


All previously reported cases occurred sporadically in diverse medical centers Aspergilllus A1. Also, these analyses are limited by our lack of knowledge concerning A. Introduction to Food and Airborne Fungi. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. We report here the first cluster of Aspergillus ustus endophthalmitis cases which occurred in apergillus large tertiary care hospital during the period October to June Since these patients resided in rooms within close proximity, common source acquisition e.

Sterigmatocystis usta Bainier Aspergillus minutus Abbott Aspergillus ustus var.

The most common ustux of IA is Aspergillus fumigatus 2. The Journal of Antibiotics. On CYA growth medium pH 5. Molecular typing by using randomly amplified polymorphic DNA RAPD and antifungal drug susceptibility testing were performed on clinical and environmental isolates recovered from our hospital from to Retrieved from ” https: Multilobar pneumonia, thyroid, lung, kidney, peritoneum abscesses. These outbreaks of A.

The latter was included solely as an outbreak, unrelated control to evaluate the discriminatory power of the molecular typing method employed in the analysis of the ophthalmic strains. Rheumatic heart disease, prosthetic valve replacement.