BALA JANAM SAKHI. The Janam Sakhis of the Bala tradition owe both their name and their reputation to Bhai Bala, a SandhuJa^ from Guru Nanak`s village. Guru Nanak Dev Ji met Jinda Mahatma Kabir Ji Evidence in Bhai Bale Wali – JANAM SAKHI – Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Topic: Swaal Kaji Rukndin Soora – ਸੁਆਲ. God Kabir had asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji for this secret information about the True Naam (Satnaam) not to be revealed Evidence in Bhai Bale Wali – JANAM.

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By Guest rma Started Yesterday at Best post of this forum i have seen till date was on this subject by a veer called karku4life: From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. There are countless other anti-gurmat sakhis and ssakhi written in his janam sakhi that are hard to believe. For more than a hundred years, from the late eighteenth until the early twentieth century, this claim was scarcely challenged.

Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi

SearchGurbani brings to you a unique and comprehensive approach to explore and experience the word of God. Search Gurbani SearchGurbani brings to you a unique jznam comprehensive approach to explore and experience the word of God. Other extant Janam Sakhis demonstrate the same process. Please select 1 field to search. This doesn’t prove that he didn’t exist but disproves the one who claim that as a source that Bala existed. Based on the belief in One God, bapa Sikh religion recognizes the equality of all human beings, and is marked by rejection of nhai, ritualism, caste and asceticism.


His father, Kalu, for instance, is a cruel man; he is greedy and ill spoken; he blames Mardana for spoiling his son; and Guru Nanak is rather chary of meeting him.


Contemplating on all the evidence available, one becomes sceptical to accept the authenticity of Bhai Bala’s Janam Sakhi, and doubt prevails if there had ever been any person in the name of Bala as Guru Nanak’s companion. This theory is difficult to sustain in that a mere pruning, however drastic, cannot reduce any of the Bala texts to a consistent narrative. More in this category: Sakhk literate Sikh should read this book and appreciate the real service rendered by him.

It bqla confusion in Sikhs, which still continues. The reasons for this are:. The chief of the Niranjania sect, Baba Handal has been greatly praised and has been shown of much higher status than Guru Nanak Dev.

There then follows the lengthy collection of anecdotes which constitutes the earliest version of the Bala Janam Sakhi tradition. During the discussion that followed between them, it has been stated: Register a new account. Within the earliest text there are to be found references which are plainly traceable to the seventeenth century Hindali sect. Such an interpretation is rendered insupportable by the inconsistencies and fantasies which it provides in abundance.

The posts by Veer SunnybondSingh jee has presented good summarys of these writers books. The first clue to grasping the true character of the Bala Janamsakhi is the fact bhsi the persons related most closely to Guru Nanak are presented in uncomplimentary light. Also he tries to prove that Guru Nanak Dev Ji did not come to the world to liberate the world, but because of his own karma and liberate himself. Bhai Mani Singh has, in his Bhagat Ratnawali, repeated nearly the same list but Bhai Bala, who could have narrated the Janam Sakhi as such, does not ajnam there either.


Your comments always start from something like conteroversial issue and then you goes “Is everybody getting mad at me”. There has been considerable discussion as regards to Bhai Bala’s existence, particularly within the Sikh bgai field.

Share this post Link to post Askhi on other sites. Many of the most treasured of all Janam Sakhi anecdotes derive from Bala sources and, if today one asks for a Janam Sakhi in a bookshop, the volume which is produced will almost certainly be the twentieth century Bala version.

For that is the purpose of higher education.

Bhai Bala – Wikipedia

In this Janamsakhi, it is written that in Treta Yuga, the Guru was aservant of Raja Janak, used to worship images and tell lies. The contents of Bhai Bala’s Janamsakhi are clear.

Bhai Gurdaswho has listed all Guru Nanak’s prominent disciples in his 11th Vardoes not mention the name of Bhai Bala this may be an oversight, for he does not mention Rai Bular either. Sardar Karam Singh historian has proved that this book was written after Bikrami A.