In Gurmukhi (Punjabi). Visit our library at sikh_library/ Guru Nanak Dev Ji met Jinda Mahatma Kabir Ji Evidence in Bhai Bale Wali – JANAM SAKHI – Shri Guru Nanak Dev Ji Topic: Swaal Kaji Rukndin Soora – ਸੁਆਲ. God Kabir had asked Guru Nanak Dev Ji for this secret information about the True Naam Guru Nanak Dev kept Satnam Secret – Janam Sakhi – Bhai Bala.

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The following Slok appears in Bala’s Janamsakhi purported to have been uttered by Sakhii Nanak Dev during discussion with Pandit Braham Das Kashmiri gur miliyai man rahasiyai, lion vuthai dharan see gar. Posted March 6, The author of the Janamsakhi tied up both the ends one Handal was raised sky high and the other Guru Nanak Dev according to their mean thoughts, lowered to greatest depth of the underworld.


This is probably the most popular and well known Janamsakhi, in that most Sikhs bbai their Janamsakhi knowledge comes from this document. Jqnam don’t really learn anything good but ending up confused and fighting.

Share this post Link to post Share on other sites. The falsification of old or the composition of new Janamsakhis were the result of three great schisms of the Sikh religion: They follow the above two in all material points.

At Khadoor Sahib, you can visit: The posts by Veer SunnybondSingh jee has presented good summarys of these writers books. Please help to improve this article by introducing more precise citations. Views Read Edit View history. A renowned Sikh scholar, Gurmukh Singh of the Oriental College, Lahore, found another janamsakhi at Hafizabad which was very similar to that found by Colebrook.


A sikh is defined by this very virtue that they do not live in blind faith. Throughout the nineteenth century the authority jo the Bala version was unchallenged.

In the first journey or udasi Guru Nanak Dev Ji left Sultanpur towards eastern India and included, in the following sequence: We were in search of the source which caused inclusion of spurious compositions into the copies of handwritten Holy Books. Best post of this forum i have seen till date was bhzi this subject by a veer called karku4life: Karam Singh refers to the stories as given in Bhai Bala’s Janamsakhi, relating to the departure for abode of God, story of discussion with Bhagat Dhrooh, and the story of visit to Kandhar in all these stories Guru Nanak Dev was downgraded sajhi Baba Handal was greatly exalted.

The date is bals as the third day of the light half of the month and the birth is said to have taken place during the last watch before dawn. Bhai Mani Singh writes:. Sikh literature Guru Nanak Dev.

Bhai Bale Wali Janam Sakhi

In that Sakhi, Bala also writes tha whatever he is writing is all truth becuase all the things he is writing he has seen them with his eyes becauas he was with Guru Nanak Dev Ji ALL the time, which is totally wrong, becuase if that were true then why didn’t Bhai Gurdas Ji mention his name in his Baani.

How strange it is! Singh, where do you find this gandh? There is an english translation available and i hihgly encourage everyone to try and read it at some point in time.

Prithi Chand’s behaviour was evidently unsatisfactory as he was passed over in favour of his younger brother, Guru Arjan Dev, when his father chose a successor. It’s a pointless topic, those who don’t want to see the truth won’t.

There is a famine of truth, falsehood prevails, and in the darkness of kaliyug men have become ghouls. By Guest rma Started Yesterday at Sunnybondsingh, you jznam Sant Jarnail Singh ji’s photo as your avatar, you might want to listen to baala of their Katha. It just starts feeling wrong after a while.


But this is Guru Arjan Dev’s Shabad. Before that time, this word had never been used by the Sikhs. Colebrooke and is accordingly known as the Colebrooke or Vailaitwali Janamsakhi. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. The author wanted to create confusion in Sikhs. This page was last edited on 3 Decemberat Register a new account.


The mind is easily upset, a bit like an unruly child. The various editions of Janamsakhi include stories such as fortune tellers and astrologers predicting at his birth that he will start a new religion, cobra snake offerings made to Guru Nanak while he was sleeping, Guru Nanak visiting and performing miracles at Mecca – a holy place for Muslims, and at Mount Meru – a mythical place for Hindus, Buddhists and Jains.

The Janamsakhi of Bhai Bala. Retrieved 8 September It had been given to the library by an Englishman called Colebrook; it came to be known as the Vilayat Vali or the foreign janamsakhi. In this Janamsakhi, it is written that in Treta Yuga, the Guru was aservant of Raja Janak, used to worship images and tell lies.

Although the new name of this city had been decided, at the time of Guru Nanak Dev himself, but became current only after it was registered in official records.