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Niralayp Nirabaan Niramal NirabairaNirabighanaai Niraalanb Abinaasee Hai He is free of the influence of mammon mayabondage, dross, bhal, hindrances and support.

His word is truth. One acquires a state of fearlessness.

He then realises his self that helps him perceive the ,abit. In the process his mind is reassured in the True Guru. Then he asks the Sikh to meditate on Naam and showers his kindness to make him meditate.

Jaisay Ravi Souti Jam Roop Au DharamaraaiDharam Adharam Kai Bhaau Bhai Karat Hai As the son of Sun becomes an object of fear for the unrighteous people in the syeek of angel of death, but loves the righteous people by projecting himself as the king of righteousness; ” 7 3: He practices it in the holy congregation very devotedly; 7 7 ‘ ‘ 2: The Weather 14 days Rated 4. He acknowledges the presence ki omnipresent Lord in the form of soul in every one.

Kabit Bhai Gurdas – Lahore Book Shop & Publishers

He is formless, beyond the grip of five vices and is ever stable of mind. The state of such a person is beyond elucidation and his views are pure and clear.


It acquires a darkish hue and slight bitterness.

And as such he is Lord-conscious person and because of the knowledge of the words of Guru, he is Lord aware person.

Lajaa Kul Ankasu Au Gur Jan Seel DeelaKulaabadhoo Brat Kai Patibrat Kahaavaee Because of the good of the kabkt honour, displaying calm and tranquil behaviour before the elders of the house and following the right ethos expected of a married woman, steel daughter-in-law of a good family is called faithful and virtuous.

Kabit Bhai Gurdas (Punjabi) – Bhai Sahib Bhai Vir Singh Ji

hurdas This app can Access your Internet connection and act as a server. India – English Are you looking for Microsoft Store in: He makes supplications which have marvellous sweetness in them.

Taisay Giaan Dhiaan Simaran Gursikh PratiTaisay Kaisay Sikh Gur Sayvaa Tthaharaavaee 10 2 As a True Guru blesses a Sikh and expresses his love by making him well versed in divine knowledge, contemplation and meditation on Lord’s name, how can a devoted Sikh rise to the same level of dedication and devotion in the service of Guru? It remains preserved for long.

Such a person is bereft of knowledge. The blessings of Naam to the Sikhs is the complete knowledge of the True Guru.

One who has the process going in his mind, experiences it. Praym Ras Anmrit Nidhaan Paan Pooran HuiOunaman Ounamat Bisam Bisvaas Hai When a devotee meditating on His name is satiated with the drinking of loving nectar of Lord’s name, he devotee enjoys supernatural ecstatic feeling in higher spiritual planes.

Even a miniscule part of that light is beautiful, marvellous and quaint. Additional terms Terms of transaction. By the benign and magnificence of a True Guru, who has blessed him with Naam, he achieves emancipation while living a house-holder’s life. Staying in that state renders complete stability to the body, mind and soul. Giaan Gur Dhiaan Ur Maani Pooran BrahamaJagat Mahi Bhagati Mati Chharat Naahee 14 5 By the virtue of holy congregation, with the instilling of Lords knowledge and perception in the mind, and feeling His presence around, such a devotee is never cheated or tricked in the world.


He protects his mind from the influence of maya mammon and remains free from the worldly options and conceptions.

Kabit Savaiye Bhai Gurdas Ji Steek – Part 1 – Khalsa Library

Satiroop Satinaam Satigur Giaan DhiaanaPooran Sarabamaee Aadi Kau Adays Kai 10 6 Such a slave of the Guru who by focusing his mind in the Lord regards the indestructible and ever stable Lord permeated in every speck, salutes and pays his obeisance to the force who is the cause of all beginnings.

They acknowledge the presence of One Lord in all the living beings. A Guru-conscious person listens to the teachings of the True Guru and practices His words in his deeds and actions. He makes his salutations and supplications to him again and again. Kaasat Agani Maalaa Sootr Goras GobansaAyk Au Anayk Ko Bibayk Pahachaaneeai As the same fire exists in all the woods, different beads are arranged in the same thread; as all shades and species of cows yield milk of the same colour; similarly the slave of True Guru achieves the wisdom and knowledge of the presence of one Lord in a ” ‘ 2: He requires nobody’s support, nor takes anyone’s refuge.