Numbers of Botrytis fabae conidia dispersed in plots of winter-sown field beans in which chocolate spot developed were monitored with vertical cylinder and. Chocolate spot (Botrytis fabae) is a devastating disease of faba bean and reduces its production and productivity. Three controlled condition experiments were. Botrytis fabae Sardina Botryotinia fuckeliana (de Bary) Wetzel. Mycologia, FUNGI IMPERFECTI, HYPHOMYCETALES, MONILIACEAE. Crops attacked: horse.

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Foliar diseases of faba beans: For instance, climate influences the pathogen and host environments separately and in interaction throughout the period of crop growth from infection to host death [ 12 ].

BoxDire Dawa, Ethiopia Tel: Fully-expanded leaflets of similar physiological age were excised from the 5th node position and immediately laid flat on a moistened sterile double filter paper immersed in glucose solution 0.

Leaves of sample plants were collected from each variety two hours prior to inoculation. For further information, we recommend you visit the following resources: Significant difference was measured among incubation temperatures starting from 72 h after inoculation periods.

Host-Plant Resistance Resistance botrytie V. The significance of chocolate spot is related to the severity and timing of infection. Chongo and Bernier [ 51 ] observed a similar pattern in beans inoculated with Colletotrichum lindemuthianum at higher temperatures. Large areas of tissue may die during this stage, leading to defoliation.

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Pathogenicity was confirmed by inoculating isolates onto fava bean plants, incubating them in a humidity chamber for 48 h, then maintaining plants in a greenhouse. The values in the table are based on untransformed data of radial mycelial growth from two runs of experiments.


A damaging disease developed on commercial fava bean Vicia faba L. Views Read Edit View history. This study has indicated differences in the effects of temperatures on mycelial growth, sporulation, conidial size, sclerotial formation and morphology of B. Inoculated plants developed both types of symptoms, and B. Indeed, infected flowers and pods may abort. Cultural Control Cultural control of chocolate spot is aimed primarily at reducing the chances of the aggressive stage of the disease developing.

Knowledge of the interaction of host and pathogen with environment factors has a practical significance because the environment could alter cultivars resistance and pathogen pathogenicity.

Severe Outbreak of Chocolate Spot of Fava Bean, Caused by Botrytis fabae, in California

Run Zhang 1 and Dr. The plant material was prepared by growing the two faba bean varieties in a growth chamber at Plant Protection Laboratory, Haramaya University.

These findings suggest that this temperature regime might have adversely affected the physiology and growth of the plants, and that the reduction in lesion size and disease severity might not be due to fabxe resistance. When humidity is high, this non-aggressive stage changes to the aggressive stage, where the lesions begin to sporulate and coalesce, causing the lesion to become much darker and covered in fluffy grey-white mycelium. Faba bean varieties Degaga moderately resistant and Bulga susceptible were used for both detached leaf and whole plant tests to investigate the reaction in both varieties against B.


The resulting suspension of B. Can’t read the image?

Botrytis fabae – Wikipedia

At these temperatures, lesions enlarged rapidly and centrally deep black with brown margin spots that fused with time to form larger lesions. Small, humid pieces of cotton boyrytis put at the end fxbae the leaflet petioles to maintain cells at maximum turgescence [ 22 ].

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Botrytis fabae Sardina, Memorias de la R. Continuing to use www. The radial growth followed a linear increasing trend at each incubation temperature over time Figure 1. Broad bean chocolate spot. Inoculation was made on MnPDA medium for sporulation evaluation. BoxDire Dawa, Ethiopia.

Careers In Plant Pathology. The average lesion size ALS was calculated for each leaflet at each evaluation time as the mean of the sizes of lesions of the two leaflets measured.

The treated pots were factorial arranged in a completely randomized design with four replications and kept in darkness overnight at room temperature in an incubation chamber. The methods are also useful for bootrytis various aspects of chocolate spot and behavior of B.

July 02, ; Published date: