I want to convert a Postscript. You can use the The Ghostscript Interpreter API . Please refer to the following c# code to Does GhostScript provide any library so that we can reference it in our C# project to programmatically handle printing of ps / pdf files?. Nov 3, Greetings, Can anyone suggest how to merge multiple PDF files into a single PostScript file when using GhostScript with C# At the command.

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Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C#

Number of pages printed: Articles Quick Answers Messages Use my saved content filters. It works for me. First the convertToPs and then convertToPdf.

Figure 9 As stated earlier, the conversion process is a two step process, one that converts the document to postscript and the other that converts the postscript file to PDF. On the streams point, the command provided has to be executed to get the output.

Thomas Cooper29 Sep But, if it is working locally, then it should also work when the application is hosted.

c# – Convert Postscript to Text file using ghostscript – Stack Overflow

I had the same problem as described earlier: Member 6-Sep Do you know if its possible to set orientation within the code when creating the PS file. We can set other properties as per our requirement.


Hello, Thanks for replying to my last query. When I tried, I found the following: I found ghostscript as confusing. When it waits WaitForExitdoes it create any output?

Now these problems are more related to Windows and its browsers. If this is ghlstscript then pdfwrite will output each page of input to an individual file. I need to be able to programmatically lock the pdf as it is created so you cannot copy text.

The time taken to convert the document to PDF depends on the size of the document. Though I am not an expert in this field, you can consult some Windows Administrators who knows more about Printer Pooling. Hi BhubanThanks for your quick reply. I tried doing it by removing the StreamWriter postscri;t StreamReader objects altogether by simply using info.

Here, we are creating a process and opening the Windows command window. Hi Bhuban, Please tell me what should i write on the click event of both bottons This problem first started when the C drive ran out of space hanging all processes and still continuing.

Printing PDF using Ghostscript in C# – CodeProject

If any file type is not defined here, then the Operating System will not be able to open the file or do any of the operations that are desirable. A code snippet would be more useful.

Please write to bhuban. What should i write on the click event of postscritp button. A simple double click opens the file in IE. Only after giving an End Task it ends the process and generates.


[gs-devel] Merge multiple PDFs to PostScript with GhostScript / C# – I got an answer

By continuing to browse this site, you agree to this use. Tuesday, August 1, 5: This response contains a reference to a third party World Wide Web site. Dude, excellent article, really of gr8 help.

Sign up using Email and Password. A solution for that problem is simply to save the. Hoping to hear from your side soon. I am unable to solve the problem. My puzzlement lies with the fact postscri;t this only happens when it is executed on the cmd.

I will let you know as and when I get something. Monday, July 31, Hi, I am not getting the gsw Is this code aplicable to Windows Application only?

Now you can assign the needed rights to the network-service or you can simply start the associated application pool as user “system” its simply a question of security issues Title: Hi Bhuban, I have to create an utility which convert pdf to. Please provide me help Title: Dude, excellent article, really potscript gr8 help. Then we can have another button that initiates the PDF conversion process. Hi, Which technology do you use? Can we save the.