I want to convert a Postscript. You can use the The Ghostscript Interpreter API . Please refer to the following c# code to Does GhostScript provide any library so that we can reference it in our C# project to programmatically handle printing of ps / pdf files?. Nov 3, Greetings, Can anyone suggest how to merge multiple PDF files into a single PostScript file when using GhostScript with C# At the command.

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Hi Sudhir, Its good to know that it is now working.

Hoping to hearing from your side soon. Highlights in this release include: I was able to convert several PS files with this server mode, but the interpreter generates an error after processing a certain number of files with the gsapi.

Amjad Abdullah sorry for the late answer and anyone else: If HTML file are registered to be opened with some default application, then the process will be executed successfully, else will throw errors.

[gs-devel] Merge multiple PDFs to PostScript with GhostScript / C# – I got an answer

Hello Deepak, If you want to merge PDF files, then you can directly use the merging option of ghostscript. There is an error in the CreatePdf method where a command for generating Pdf file is provided. Means it is run on the localhost. Now i am merging pdf files from directory and want to create one pdf file.


PS to PDF conversion.

Member 6-Sep I tried doing it by removing the StreamWriter and StreamReader objects altogether by simply using info. Hi, convertToPdf method return string only. Hidden; even if i give that its opening up that word and excel,is there any possiable way to hide that window popuing up You may get some info from the latest gs documentation.

But we are now facing a problem where the process hangs at converttops step with winword. I got an error. Hi, The archicle is very helpful. It might help me to get into the problem. You need to provide the full path of the input file. If someone has the problem, that on a server deployed application isn’t able to create a ps file, then that may seriously be a problem with user restrictions on the server.

I am getting and empty pdf file too. Please kindly guide me.

How can I use Ghostscript API in “server mode” to convert files using VB or C# ? – CodeProject

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I think that you are the right person to whom i can discuss. Hi Bhuban, I got an like below. Hi i recall my posts. Then, we are requesting the process to execute the print operation on the file.

I am working on a live project in. Now, Let me explain what I have tried to achieve this.

In this case, no new process is invoked; rather the same process that was running is used to open the new word document. The type or namespace name ‘Process’ could not be found are ghostscritp missing a using directive or an assembly reference? Hi Viruddhi, I am quoting your comment below.


My probelm is solved. I am unable to solve the problem. WriteLine ” Process Id: Hidden; even if i give that its opening up that word and excel,is there any possiable way to hide that window popuing up Check the following links: Then we can have another button that initiates the PDF conversion process.

You can check for that and try. It will be really helpfull if you could post the code snippet.

Hi Sajid, Check ghoetscript blog article: So, we have used the WaitForExit method to wait until the process completes. Please can you also advise if I can somehow manually export to the PDF and check the fonts?

How can I use Ghostscript API in “server mode” to convert files using VB or C# ?

Is this code aplicable to Windows Application only? My use is limited to. Hi Param, Please refer to the following c code to convert. The full path of the file to be converter to PDF.

You can go through them to more about distribution.