Take a look behind the scenes of the Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures with paranormal inves¬tigator Nick Groff as he shares his favorite. Read “Chasing Spirits The Building of the “Ghost Adventures” Crew” by Nick Groff with Rakuten Kobo. Take a look behind the scenes of the. Take a look behind the scenes of the Travel Channel’s hit show Ghost Adventures with paranormal investigator Nick Groff as he shares his.

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The writing is in a conversational style, which draws the reader in, and kept me page-turning to see what was next.

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Her face was pale white and glowing a little and she had on this hospital gown with these weird old patterns from whatever era it was. Feb 17, Dalaina Renee rated it it was amazing.

Seeing as if you aren’t then you may count it as a waste of your time. I loved this book!

Ghost hunter Nick Groff unleashes ‘Chasing Spirits’ memoir –

Please try again later. The investigations mentioned in the book are the main investigations that we have all loved watching. I also really liked when Nick talked about his experiences investigating the paranormal.

There have been so many locations all over the world that I would love to go to. That’s what makes you want to watch each episode over and over again. We called the cops to tell them someone stole our car and they’re like, “No, actually your car got repossessed. Nck remember every detail, it was so surreal. It was a somewhat selfish gift, because I also wanted to read it ;- Nick Groff has had a fascination with the spirit world ever since he was a young boy – especially after a terrifying encounter he had with a spirit in his childhood home.


You are the strong, silent type of person but don’t ever epirits your efforts and and contributions go cchasing.

I read this book immediately after I finished Zak’s book Dark World. Greatest Mysteries of the Unexplained. I didn’t want him to cover exactly what Zak did but it would have been interesting spirots see his view on some of the investigation other than the ones that really affected him so personally.

I’ll admit I was concerned that it could prove to be self-serving tripe. Trivia About Chasing Spirits: Plus to say that he got into the film making career spiris would be the biggest over- statement of the year. Nick Groff gave us his story from when he was young and surviving his own personal ‘adventures’ such as a Near-Death experience, which he feels left him more ‘open’ to paranormal awareness,to the formation of the Documentary, chaeing finally the creation of the hit Travel Channel television series.

I believe in ghosts and the paranormal.

But it was really interesting to read how that event profoundly affected his life and changed his view on life and death. The Ghost Hunter’s Guidebook.


I’ve seen the episode and remember how freaked out he was when he saw the female apparition. We did Poveglia Island in Venice, Italy, which was absolutely amazing.

There’s More to Life Than This. You get to read about some of his favorite investigations, and some things chasinf didn’t make it into the shows but still changed his life in one way or another. You didn’t pay the bill. I though Nick did a great job explaining how hard it was to get respect in paranormal research and how difficult it was to start a television show.

Ghost Stories And The Unexplained: Preview — Chasing Spirits by Nick Groff.

Ghost adventurer Nick Groff unleashes ‘Chasing Spirits’ memoir

I’ve always thought the Ghost Adventures show was a bit over the top, a little too dramatic but from what Nick writes that’s just how they are. When we started doing “Ghost Adventures,” I learned very quickly that I was very handy with the digital recorder, which captures electronic voice phenomena, or EVPs — voices from the other side that chasung just can’t explain.

He comes from a family of ‘No bullshitters’ I can get it. The Day Satan Called.

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