Yes, Choki Motobu, the notorious Karate master/former street fighter (or thug if you And Motobu was, after all, the descendant of the sixth son of the Okinawan . Choki Motobu – In Japan there is a phrase, Jissen, which is used to distinguish real martial arts from what has been referred to as ‘garden party’ Karate. Master Choki Motobu: A Real Fighter by Graham Noble. Posterity has not treated all the old karate masters equally. Some have had their praises sung many.

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Komesu was apparently very reluctant to engage someone of Motobu’s high social standing, but relented when Choki insisted he merely wished to compare the differences between Karate and wrestling techniques. The name may be invented. As soon as the boxer came forward to attack with his full power, I hit his temple very hard with one punch in a rage.

I won the bet and earned 10 yen. Please add your name or initials. For the record, Motobu had been called many things in his life, but a poor fighter was never one them, and certainly not a coward. This was out of an Okinawan population of something over half a million. There are several systems today which are very involved in the fighting sports which have been developed from the art of Karate.

The force of the parry unbalanced the boxer, forcing his hips to rise, and at that instant Motobu struck him in the face with the palm of his hand.

Motobu is quoted by Nakasone Genwa as describing a visit to Itosu Sensei Itosu was perhaps the most famous karate teacher of his time as follows:. In those days, it vhoki still said that “life is 50 years. This page was last edited on 21 Novemberat Master Motobu challenged many men in Japan. Funakoshi organized his teaching well, he had energetic helpers including his brilliant son, Yoshitakaand influential friends such as Jigoro Kano, the famous founder of ,otobu.

Motobu, however, although he did the movement strongly with a kiai, always ,otobu good balance and put his foot down lightly. If we take at face value that Choki spent two years living and training with Matsumora of Tomari Sellsthen Motobu had nine to ten years of formal training without even considering the time spent with Kanagusuku as a child Sokon Matsumura and Sakuma motkbu Gibo!


This is effective against people who are taller than you.

But at any rate the book’s philosophy is his and he posed for all the illustrations. It has been stated by the noted historian Kinjo Hiroshi that although Choki was fathered by Choshin, Choki’s mother was not his wife, but a courtesan.

In fact, you have such trained hands mtobu you don’t need to be armed. Jissen literally means real fighting.

Choki Motobu

Part 2 of Choki Motobu: Motobu lowered his hips, raising his left hand high with his right hand close to his cheek. I think that today’s young bushi are only practicing. Further proof of Motobu’s knowledge of other Kata comes inadvertently from Motbou himself. He also knew Passai-evidently there is a rarely seen Motobu mtoobu of this kata-and Gojushiho, and although he may not have practiced them he was aware of the major kata of each style-Shurite, Nahate, and Tomarite.

– Choki Motobu: Through The Myth To the Man – Part 1

However, he came to feel that he was not learning enough, and growing dissatisfied with Itosu’s teaching he later studied with Tomari-te’s Kosaku Matsumora and with Master Sakuma. If picking bare-knuckle fights in the shady Tsuji red-light district of Naha was an art, then Motobu was Rembrandt himself. Nevertheless return Motobu did, and he would later recount, “I started having real fights at Tsuji when I was young and fought over a hundred of them, but I was never hit in the face” 3.

My hand blocked the punch and hit straight into Sensei’s Matsumora’s face.

This came as no surprise though, since he was a butcher by trade. His curriculum heavily favored the Naihanchi kata because of the correspondence between its applications bunkai and actual fighting, which he experienced in brawls as a young man. To find more articles of interest, search on one of these keywords: He is often described by those who actually knew him, however, as a quiet man who presented the very picture of dignity.

Another source Choso Nakama quoted in the book, “Okinawa Karate” by Mark Bishop recounted that Motobu had at first just dodged the boxer. King was the major general interest magazine at the time with a circulation of over a million and this is how Motobu’s exploits came to be widely reported. That is because the blocks of Karate make it impossible to launch a second attack. However, no bouts took place because the Hawaiian immigration authorities considered him an undesirable and he had to leave almost immediately.


As they began, George took up a boxing guard and moved about looking for an opening. Master Motobu soon found that this was to slow and frustrating for him, so he began to lift heavy rocks and punch the punching post, Makiwara. His karate was totally different than Itosu’s. There simply was no German contender for the title at that time. When I got up to fight the second round, I suddenly thought, “If I am defeated by such a foreign boxer, it will shame both karate and Okinawa.

For one thing, Funakoshi, who was only 5 feet tall, was slightly built and would have been heavily outweighed. His karate stressed alertness, sharpness, and practicality, and his experience in brawls and street fights showed through in his techniques which were straightforward and effective.

According to the old style of reckoning age, by which a year would be added at the start of a new calendar year. If you want my opinion, there is not even true warrior in today’s world.

I think that I know the answer to the homework question you posed to my brother and his friends the other day. There they trained so hard that they could not even get up by themselves because of aching backs and legs. The results of such bouts have even been recorded in a few cases. According to an motbu of the fight from a King magazine article, Motobu is said to have entered into a challenge match with a foreign boxer, described as a Russian boxer or strongman.