Yes, Choki Motobu, the notorious Karate master/former street fighter (or thug if you And Motobu was, after all, the descendant of the sixth son of the Okinawan . Choki Motobu – In Japan there is a phrase, Jissen, which is used to distinguish real martial arts from what has been referred to as ‘garden party’ Karate. Master Choki Motobu: A Real Fighter by Graham Noble. Posterity has not treated all the old karate masters equally. Some have had their praises sung many.

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A couple of guests hurried to help the now motionless butcher, who was crying in pain, and after considerable effort they were able to carry him all the way to his home. I went to Matsumora’s place with Tamashiro from Kariya 1 who was a Sumo wrestler, and I received kumite training there. Young Choki was never allowed to participate.

From these matches Motobu gained tremendous experience and adopted many motobbu techniques into his repertoire of skills. Shoshin Nagamine admits that in his training he teaches his students the skills of Kumite as taught to him by Choki Motobu. As soon as the boxer came forward to attack with his full power, I hit his temple very hard with one punch in a rage. Use of this website is governed by the Terms of Use. This seems to be corroborated through the words of Konishi Yasuhiro as told by Yamazaki Kiyoshi in an article on Konishi 4: Kenwa Mabuni himself recalled, “A young man he taught himself to fight independently as he had no Sensei for this.


The ‘Lost’ Kata of Itosu? He entered and felled the much larger boxer. Yet in contests, in order for the competitors to survive and have a certain level of safety, these are off limits, with the exception of the groin.

Master Choki Motobu Matsumora Sensei threw motou punch at me. Upon asking the students what the kata motpbu, he replied, ‘It is Pinan no Kata! Reproduction in whole or in part in any form or medium without express written permission of Dragon Associates Inc.

Master Choki Motobu (1871-1944)

Motobu Sensei’s favorite Kata was the Naifanchin kata another pronunciation of Niahanchi. It was rumored by those close to Motobu that he was angry about this misrepresentation but felt quite helpless against the resources of company the size of Kodansha which owned Kingu. Mitobu Toguchi has said that, because of Motobu’s upper-class birth, many karate masters found it difficult to refuse him instruction.

There was also a choku that Motobu had challenged Gichin Funakoshi to a match and when the two met, he swept Funakoshi to the floor and followed up with a punch to the face, which he stopped a couple of inches short-just to show who was boss, I guess.

He apparently developed his own kataShiro Kuma White Bear.

Journal of Combative Sport: Master Choki Motobu

Please add your name or initials. For one thing, Funakoshi, who was only 5 feet tall, was slightly built and would have been heavily outweighed. A strong ox of a man with a will and ego to match, Motobu preferred the tough and tumble, practical karate over the pure practice of kata.


One must try and block the attack at its source Block not the attacking hand but deeper on the arm. Although it is often alleged that Motobu knew only the katas Naihanchi Shodan and possibly Passai, in light of recent developments this appears to be a complete misinterpretation of Motobu’s knowledge and method of teaching. They were too tired to go to their bedrooms. Funakoshi’s book and updated with photos instead of drawings in illustrated mostly kata and formalized self-defense.

Rate This Article Select your Rating. The King article detailed Motobu’s surprising victory, although the illustrations clearly show Gichin Funakoshi as the Okinawan fighter in question. So they lay down at the entrances where they fell asleep.

One can not use continuous attacks against true Karate. His karate was totally cchoki than Itosu’s. In his youth, and due to the fact that he was royalty in a time when it no longer held any meaning, Choki Motobu engaged in many battles, to uphold his honor.

He explained that too far away, and not enough power would be in the technique at contact, but to be too close will keep the technique from developing full power.