Count Down by Michelle Rowen, , available at Book Depository with free delivery Once the countdown starts, it cannot be stopped. 2 pawns. Michelle Rowen. Series By Michelle Rowen; Books By Michelle Rowen Similar Authors To Michelle Rowen. Jory Strong . Countdown. Michelle Rowen. 3 seconds left to live. Once the countdown starts, it cannot be stopped. 2 pawns thrown into a brutal underground reality game. Kira Jordan.

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I felt like Kira carried them both through the game and Rogan was annoyingly really intimate with someone he only knew for two days. I wanted him to realize I wasn’t joking around. Mitch knows his life is on the verge of big changes. It’s the official term for an abnormal and persistent fear of roewn dark. Sixteen-year-old Kira Jordan has been living on the desolate streets for two years after her family is brutally murdered micjelle night and she rejected the foster care system.

And nobody would ever find us. No hay apenas referencias ni explicaciones de la sociedad y el momento en los que se desarrolla la historia.

Countdown by Michelle Rowen

I was sure they weren’t stories with happy endings. The story of Countdown is kind of Hunger Games meets Gamer the movie where Kira is an unwilling participant in a game where criminals go through deadly and dangerous levels for the ultimate prize. Start reading Countdown Harlequin Teen on your Kindle in under a minute. Le prime battute tra Kira e Rogan, questo il nome del ragazzo, mi hanno fatto ben sperare sul resto della storia.

Then came the Great Plague and in a matter of weeks took almost all of human life. I looked over the edge of the Dumpster to see that a door in the ground had slid open. Kira and Rogan wake up in a cell, both attached to the wall. Countdown by Michelle Rowen – Starting September 2nd Attached to a chain.


As soon as I agreed, they knocked me out. It’s a blend of genres, so I would recommend it for the romantically minded readers, who can appreciate a simple HEA ending once the good guys save the day. I received a digital copy of this book for free on a read-to-review basis. Even if that means running head-on into the one trap she can’t escape. You’re not all that nice. There’s a boy chained to the wall across the room, Rogan. We’ve got similarities to The Hunger Games, too, that are impossible to ignore.

Countdown by Michelle Rowen Book Reviews

The whole book was nothing but action and adventure. Saradone was the maximum security prison just outside the city limits.

A plague has shattered society, life is chaotic and the powers that rise are lax, survivors are often left to fend for themselves, no matter how old they are.

But with each chapter, we micehlle about the circumstances that brought these two people to the game. View all 4 comments. Heck,i still can’t believe what i read. It did seem countdwon likely that this would happen though being as they were paired up for the game.

I held my breath and rang the bell. But maybe it wouldn’t work as a series if Michelle Rowen had left us hanging at the end of Level 6.

And interestingly enough, the story reads very much like you’re watching a movie. That’s exactly what I thought too once I figured out the gist of what Countdown was all about and while some may not like books that strongly resemble an already popular series, I for one still enjoyed what this book had to offer.

I mean read the description and you will know that it won’t be something easy and normal. Even after escaping the room, they are not safe though, as they learn that they have 5 more levels to complete to be declared winners. Rogan on the other hand, for a strong good looking male lead I found him to be kind of soft.


The Iron Warrior Julie Kagawa. Maybe I was just having a really bad dream. It takes time to write a book, edit it, create a cover and get it released. Just remember though that there will be some weird shenanigans towards the last little bit. She will not lose, and she is determined to find out who the notorious Rogan Ellis really is! I loved the book until the games ended — it was exciting, hang-on-every-word, and they complete every level at nearly the last second, making you hold your breath.

Instead of being forced to kill each other in an arena, Countdown is a show where two criminals must compete in a series of trials in order to gain their freedom, which for Kira, is a one way ticket to a perfect life in the colonies. Not surprisingly, she shoots him, but her aim is off, so he’s only wounded. Yes, they do have their similarities, but they both have their differences as well.

Science Fantasy Teen Fiction.

The only thing I feel is that the author could have turned this book into a series. Please try again later. The technology part wasn’t too technical.

You’re a thief, aren’t you?