In his gripping debut novel, acclaimed picture book author John Coy presents the high stakes world of high school football, where doing what it takes to win. Crackback [John Coy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In his gripping debut novel, acclaimed picture book author John Coy presents the. Crackback [John Coy] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers.

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You’ll add muscle fast.

I gave this book CrackBack 5 stars because I love this book so much because it’s about football and I love the game of football. Miles is a junior in high school and he also happens to be a star on the football team. I’ve been starting since fourth grade. Miles has two really close friends that start taking drugs to help them get bigger and stronger. I recommend this book to people who are into sports, so you can relate to what Miles goes through throughout the book.

This moment gave him the mindset to not go to homecoming, which is a common thing guys would do, in my opinion.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. Oct 19, 02evann rated it liked it.

Crackback by John Coy | Scholastic

xrackback I could have written in that writing style when I was in grade 3. Because it is quick bursts of activity is makes it very desirable to keep reading. Nov 28, Dylan Meyer rated it it was amazing Shelves: His best friend pressures miles to taking steroids to help with the case.


For my final literary device I chose crackbac of view, this device decides how the layout of this text and how the whole plot comes together. It’s about a freshman in high school he is one of the best football players in town. His family consists of a loving mother, a very serious father, and an eight-year-old sister named Martha. He plays football and is the starting corner back on defense.

This book reminds me of Gym Candy by Carl Deuker. Crackback by John Coy was a very good book. For example, the whole story, the main character had problems with his football coach, father, and some problems with relationships with some people at school.

He starts to play the kids who are bigger and stronger. It was really accurate to some of the things football players go through. At one time he even gets a girl to like him. Coy did a great job of putting a different spin on this aspect of the book. A quote that explains this is. Through the course of the season he grows and matures as he is molded into a man. He is the only good underclassman on the team also.

Miles best friend Zach is also a very good player on the team. One thing that made the book more enjoyable to me was that way Coy constructed the chapters.

As he gets to know her more he starts to appreciate life outside of football more than he did. This is completely fictional but it felt like it could have been a true story because of how real the characters felt. His dad clearly has faith in his son and tells him to never give up and that “no one is perfect at anything”.



Mar 05, Tay Mackey rated it it was amazing Recommends it for: I am still reading crackback by Jhon Coy. He tried to ask a girl out to the homecoming dance and was rejected. Reading the book Crackback was very spectacular because personally I’m into football books. Miles wonders what his parents will think if they find out that he takes steroids. In this book I liked the combination of all the pressu This book is basically about a boy named Miles who’s not popular in school and has no way to become popular, except football.

This was a big year for the football team, they were favored to win the conference. A new coach sets him back and makes things really tough for him.

Miles even got benched and was put on second team.