The DAC series is an 8-bit monolithic digital-to-analog converter (DAC) featuring a full scale output current settling time of ns while dissipating only DACLCN datasheet, DACLCN pdf, DACLCN data sheet, datasheet, data sheet, pdf, National Semiconductor, 8-Bit D/A Converter. DAC data sheet. Features. Y Relative accuracy g0 19% error maximum ( DAC). Y Full scale current match g1 LSB typ. Y 7 and 6-bit accuracy available.

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Haven’t received datasheeet validation E-mail? User Control Panel Log out. Forums Posts Latest Posts. Forum Themes Elegant Mobile. Essentials Only Full Version. The DAC circuit used is attached. Few clarification on the circuitry thou, specifically on the power supply circuit.

Is the circuitry attached is the right one? If right, how to provide the power supply to DAC? But, how to connect pin 3 and 16? I am clear about 15pf connection. But how to provide V connection to pin 3? Is that supposed to be a separate power supply with common ground with 5V supply earlier? Even if so, how to achieve V? Is there anything else I should add or sub to the circuit?


Will the output at Vout terminal from IC will have appropriate analog voltage, immediately as I change the digital number at PIC port pins?

R Attached Image s. Look at the DAC data sheet and the example circuit in datawheet 1.

DACLCN National Semiconductor, DACLCN Datasheet

The cap to pin 16 is nF in the example, datwsheet you sure 15pF is large enough? In a pinch you can use a MAX to get about V. According to the data sheet you could have the negative voltage as low as -5V so you don’t need the full V.

The Analog output will change as you change the digital input with a settling time as spec’ed in the data sheet. Its not technically immediate but for most practical proposes it can be considered immediate.

National Semiconductor – datasheet pdf

The LM is wired as a voltage follower so should have the same voltage on its output as da0808lcn input. Now just wire this up and see how it works.

Thank you Walt, That makes me clear on few aspects. I need to have separate power supplies with common ground. I summarise the power supply connetivities as follows.

Datazheet separate power supplies are used, V1, V2, V3. The V3 source alone is going to be used for V source by having reverse connectivity. The power source connections are shown below: DAC IC power connections: The capacitor between pin 3 and 16 is 0.


But figure 5, 6 of the same datasheet shows it to be 15 pF though.

Otherwise the whole circuit is same. Will these connectivities get me the appropriate output at Vout? This can work but is not a good idea.

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Use a instead as it is designed for negative voltages. Do ensure that the two Raw power supplies outputs are isolated. I will try that out and will revert back. Yes, 0V is common to all parts. Another thing I just noticed on your schematic. None of the chips have bypass caps. It is always a good idea to put at least a dahasheet cap from each power pin to common on every IC.

And do put them close to the power pins. Debug breakpoints automatically disabled 16F88 cannot set internal oscillator frequency beyond Why does my PIC32 run slower than expected?