un caso de aplicación de la dieta cetogénica en la epilepsia refractaria | The case of Dieta cetogênica para epilepsia intratável em crianças e adolescentes: . La dieta cetogenica es una terapia no farmacologica que se ha usado como alternativa para el tratamiento de la epilepsia refractaria desde. Publisher: Efectividad de la dieta cetogenica en niños con epilepsia comparado una dieta cetogenica sola con otros tipos de dieta para el.

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Se realiza una sintesis de la evidencia a traves de una revision sistematica de ensayos clinicos aleatorizados que hayan comparado una dieta cetogenica sola con otros tipos de dieta para el tratamiento de estos pacientes. There is therefore a risk of it causing undesirable side effects both at the outset and in later stages of the treatment.

Rev Neurol ; Ketogenic diet in the treatment peilepsia childhood epilepsy. Existe evidencia moderada de que la dieta cetogenica clasica en comparacion con la dieta gradual 2,5: Impaired neutrophil function in children with seizures treated with the ketogenic diet.

Dev Med Child Neurol ; A multicenter study of the efficacy of the ketogenic diet. Las bases de datos usadas fueron: Is a fast necessary when initiating the ketogenic diet?

Update on the epidemiology and prognosis of pediatric epilepsy. Efficacy and toxicity of the ketogenic diet in children with intractable epilepsy. Efficacy of the ketogenic diet for infantile spasms.

Dieta Cetogénica, Conceptos básicos // International League Against Epilepsy

Official names of antiepileptic drugs. Existe evidencia limitada de que la dieta cetogenica en comparacion con la dieta de trigliceridos de cadena media es mas efectiva en disminuir la frecuencia de las convulsiones.


It is a nutrition plan that is imbalanced in terms of both macro- and micro-nutrients, which can give rise to nutritional deficits in energy, proteins, minerals and vitamins, as well as an excess of lipids. The search strategy included randomized pata trials and controlled clinical trials.

Authors reviewed the medical records deita every patient under 15 years of age who received the ketogenic diet between April and July Medical costs are reduced when children with intractable epilepsy are successfully treated with the ketogenic diet. This study aims to report on use of the ketogenic diet in a group of six children and adolescents with intractable epilepsy. Se describen los efectos adversos mas frecuentes que se presentan en forma aguda o tardiamente, y se brindan herramientas para su manejo y prevencion durante el tratamiento para pediatras y equipos de dieta cetogenica.

Some adverse effects are difficult to interpret and may manifest due to involvement at different levels of the organism, thereby arousing doubts as to whether they are caused by the diet, the antiepileptic medication or by the patient’s own intercurrent complications. Algunos efectos adversos son de dificil interpretacion, y pueden ser manifestacion por afectacion a diferentes niveles del organismo, poniendo en duda si son secundarios a la diera, a la medicacion antiepileptica o a intercurrencias del propio paciente.

Dieta cetogênica

Existe evidencia moderada de que la dieta cetogenica clasica epilepdia comparacion con la dieta Atkins es mas efectiva para disminuir la frecuencia de convulsiones en tres meses. It is important to follow the study and evaluation frequency protocol in order to detect and prevent these effects, as well as to consult reference centres in order to evaluate the cost-benefit of continuing the treatment cetoenica not. La estrategia de busqueda incluyo ensayos clinicos aleatorizados y ensayos clinicos controlados.


Urolithiasis associated with the ketogenic diet. Epilepsy is a brain disorder that affects both children and adults. The ketogenic diet was effective and safe in three out of six patients with intractable epilepsy. Bull Mayo Clin ; 2: Arch Intern Med ; Determinar la efectividad de la dieta cetogenica en la disminucion de los episodios de convulsiones en pacientes con epilepsia refractaria.

To determine the effectiveness of the ketogenic diet in reducing episodes of seizures in patients with refractory epilepsy. The decision to cetogenida this type of diet should also be based on costs, preferences and safety of treatment.

From the s the epjlepsia diet has gained prestige as another treatment option for patients with refractory epilepsy.

The Keto- genic diet: Compli- cations of the ketogenic diet. Neurology ;58 Suppl 7: Schmidt, D, Morselli, PL. Diagnostic and therapeutic mana- gement of intractable epilepsy. Demos Medical Publishing; Rev Assoc Med Bras ; 50 4: The efficacy of the ketogenic diet J Pediatr ;