View and Download Pioneer DVL – DVD Player / LD service manual online. DVD LD PLAYER. DVL – DVD Player / LD DVD Player pdf manual. DVL 1. SAFETY INFORMATION. This service manual is intended for qualified service technicians ; it is not meant for the casual do-it- yourselfer. Qualified. We’ve combined two great video formats into one machine. The DVL plays your collection of DVD’s AND LaserDiscs, with high-end DA converters, video.

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The frequency response is also largely the same. Alternatively, you can upgrade that clattering ancient dinosaur deck for a shiny new machine that plays LDs and DVDs. The remote supplied with the US model of the player i.

You have a number of other ways of searching scenes. Chances are it has both-sides play and all the features sans DVD offered by this deck. Random play is provided too – this being more useful on audio CDs than movies – and you have repeat.

In fact, only the DTS logo tells you it’s a different breed. Chapter 7, the Hidden Document, brings lifelike surround. On this player, with this disc, you hear just how true-to-life THX stereo surround can be. The choice is yours.

Pioneer DVL Manuals

To my amazement it looked terrific. However, this function has the disadvantage of switching off the OSDs onscreen displays. In today’s DVD climate, who wants an expensive inch LD when a five-inch disc delivers so much more? But as with all DVD decks, its the ‘buried’ features that are more important. Sean Connery’s vocals are locked to centre, yet the whoosh of the wings and sound effects of the water meadow engulf you in surround.

  AS NZS 3191 PDF

Digging deep into the mechanism revealed why. This is useful for playing DVD audio-only discs that use the higher bit rate for audiophile recordings – such as the small catalogue of titles from Chesky Records and Denon.

The few minutes of Titanic were stunning, both visually and audibly. For many quality-conscious viewers, it soon became the prime carrier for movies, thanks to Pioneer’s dlv-919 efforts to market NTSC-compatible players in Britain, plus the availability of US titles – albeit ‘under the counter’ or via mail order.

Even better, at the end of a side, the last frame captured is displayed until the next side starts up.

Pioneer DVL-919 Manuals

For all their convenience, the scarts lack RGB outputs. More like Jurassic Murk!

Set in five levels it shows elapsed time, chapter time, title information, subtitle details and, most usefully, a bit rate meter that allows critical viewers to look for digital artefacts at places where the bit rate level is at its lowest. Also there’s the issue about this player handling R2 discs. Many discs have 4: In the lab I made some tests. Sonically, however, this player does an excellent job, especially in DTS mode.

Pioneer DVL-919 – DVD Player / LD Service Manual

And if you’ve been playing the B side of an LD then want to play a DVD, you can wait even longer before a picture appears on screen. Long before S-VHS and VHS hi-fi were invented, LaserVision as it was then termed delivered ‘broadcast’ resolution up to lines and stereo sound with superb dynamics.


This engages a noise filter for shaving high frequency detail from the picture. On to sharper things.

If, like me, you’re a home cinema fan of a certain age, chances are you’ll have a laser disc collection. You also have a screen saver that prevents tube burn should the same OSD be displayed for many hours.

On the DVL, menu and mode keys bring setup and special functions – all displayed via onscreen graphics which vary according to the disc loaded. Yet ranged against other DVD decks it’s a tad too expensive and bulky. It carries clips from Titanic, Dragonheart, Daylight and many others. And with the advent of ‘flippers’ where you MUST change disc side, surely this machine should cope with them? In summary, the DVL is not a bad performer. Finally, there are some embellishments that we might reasonably expect on this machine, given that it’s a third-generation DVD player and a second-generation combi device.

PIONEER DVL Service Manual download, schematics, eeprom, repair info for electronics experts

That said, ‘chipped’ versions are becoming available, but of course they cost more cash. This player delivers both – but only up to a point.

DVDs seem less susceptible. The larger tray has indents for inch and eight-inch LDs. Upgrading from LD, though, is another matter entirely. The AM amplitude modulated chroma noise is Around the back there’s a bulge manuall serves as a housing for the laser mechanism.