I am able to make an image of the NSView. try data?.write(to: exportedFileURL ); }; }catch{; NSLog(“error exporting image”); }; }; }; }; }. You typically don’t use NSView objects directly. Instead, you use objects whose classes descend from NSView or you subclass NSView yourself and override its . Explains how Cocoa menus and lists work and how to manipulate items within them.

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Trevor on September 16, AnonymousFred posted an emotionally-charged comment to the entry announcing the Cocoa Graphics Tutorial.

Frequently Asked Questions

Derek Kuhl — Oct 23, 07 NSPoint Shows a window displaying the definition of the attributed string at the specified point. There is no cutting of bread and spreading of peanut butter as they are sure there must be; just lamination, repitition, and bounding polygons applied to a couple of raw materials.

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Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view applies the autoresizing behavior to its subviews when its frame size changes. Sign up using Email and Password. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view optimizes live-resize operations by preserving content that has not moved. Initiates a dragging operation from the view, allowing the user to drag a file icon to any application that has window or view objects that accept files.

The nearest ancestor scroll view that contains expotr current view. If it is still crashing, I will pm you the file. Post as a guest Name.

Post Your Answer Discard By clicking “Post Your Answer”, you acknowledge that you have read our updated terms of serviceprivacy policy and cookie policyand that your continued use of the website is subject to these policies. If you’ve ever added printing support to an application, this will look very familiar to you. They just want to make and eat a sandwich, but are having the darndest time doing it.


Catalin 1, 2 19 A cache is created, and the original representations are discarded. Acts as display If Neededconfining drawing to a specified region of the view. A mechanism for displaying text or images in a view object without the overhead of a full NSView subclass.

Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view fills its frame rectangle with opaque content. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view or one of its ancestors is being drawn for a find indicator. The second one resembles my last report, but the crash is elsewhere.

NSGraphics Context Causes the view and its descendants to be redrawn to the specified graphics context. Subclassing NSView is such a common and important procedure that several technical documents describe how to both draw in custom subclasses and respond to events in custom subclasses.

Writes EPS data that draws the region of the view within a specified rectangle onto a pasteboard. Nsvieq 2 seems solid, closing at least until it crashes again.

For example, the cacheDisplayInRect method on a push button will only grab the push button while the first method will get the push button and the window background pattern. The idea came from this this website. Steve Weller — Oct 23, 07 We’ll start off by briefly looking at the commonly shown export method and then implement a method that will export multi-page PDFs.

You arrange one or more views inside an NSWindow object, which acts as a wrapper for your content.

Mac OS X Swift – resize image from NSView to disk

This works very well if you never want to display anything at a higher resolution than a computer screen will allow, but causes numerous problems during printing and PDF export. The Core Animation layer that the view uses as its backing store. The filename that the tk panel returns is the value passed to it. If your view descends from a class other than NSViewcall super to let the parent view handle any events that you do not.


NSSize Allows applications that use the AppKit pagination facility to draw additional marks on each logical page. Implemented by subclasses to determine the portion of the view to be printed for the specified page number.

Returns the closest ancestor shared by the view and another specified view. I am trying to achieve something similar, except my custom view is NSSplitView. Returns nsvuew farthest descendant of the view in the view hierarchy including ot that contains a specified point, or nil if that point lies completely exlort the view.

Register a new account. Writes PDF data that draws the region of the view within a specified rectangle onto a pasteboard. It is an easy to add feature that can add a lot of functionality to your program. NSSize The minimum size of the view that satisfies the constraints it holds. The Application Kit interprets right-mouse-down events and left-mouse-down events modified by the Control key as commands to display a nsvkew menu for the clicked view. Bool A Boolean value indicating whether the view is hidden.

Definition Presentation Type Presentation options for the window. Constants that specify how layer resizing is handled when a view is layer-backed or layer-hosting. Pasteboard Type] Registers the pasteboard types that the view will accept as the destination of an image-dragging session. Your view subclasses have several alternative approaches for displaying a contextual menu:. Exportt this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Mac OS X Swift – resize image from NSView to disk |Apple Developer Forums

It tells the NSPrintOperation that we want to print to a file. Will remove it in a few. Pasteboard Type] The array of pasteboard drag types that the view can accept.