Puzzle Master Cast Quartet puzzle is very popular among the puzzler Hanayama’s level 1 is equivalent to our level 5. level 6 is equivalent to our level some of the other metal puzzles, allowing you to reverse engineer the solution. Anywho, because the Hanayama puzzles are Cast puzzles (liquid I reassembled my Quartet (and now studying the video’s solution it is the. The Hanayama Cast Quartet came from Puzzle Master. There is no solution provided with the puzzle but if you wish (YES you will need it!.

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Kevin 23 February at Write your own review! In the meantime you have a very unique and difficult challenge – it may take you months or years to figure it out as long as you didn’t force it. I’m going to order one off ebay.

Cast Quartet

But then if you really look at it and let yourself to set in your mind you eventually find a solution like i did. At every positon I tried all the moves possible, those that look easy and naturaly going, and than remembered the most promising one and continued in that direction.

I suspect that a bit of force won’t do any harm – you have little to lose at this stage. Cast Quartet Pieces There is an alternative reassembly which is possible and it is pretty easy to achieve – it took me only a few minutes.

Again I could go no further and this time I struggled to put it back the way it came! I believed that my systematic attempt had exhausted all the simple rotations and orientation changes so I tried other moves but could get nothing to work at all and I started to think about looking at the solution. Quartet Boy 9 January at Agholson 18 November at Therefore, a short while after I pkzzle able to quatet it completely from the mess Sooution thought I’d created.


I wish there was a puzzle doctor that we could send our puzzles to so they could be fixed. Hours I tell ya, stuck with a broken puzzle! Each time I made a move I remembered what I did so I could put it back the same way in reverse. These reviews are written by our customers.

The Waddler’s Puzzling Blog: Hanayama Cast Quartet

After I removed that piece it was a simple matter of closing my eyes and fiddling around with the other three pieces until I could get another piece loose, which I did!!! And it is a pretty hard nut but it also depends on how you approach solving the puzzles in general. The difficulty level is 6 out of 6 on the Hanayama scale and 10 out of 10 on the Puzzle Master scale – this means it is about as difficult as it gets – Gulp!!!

Kevin 6 October at To no avail, may I add!! Antilles guilder – approx. It happened to me twice with the 2 Rings Teddy. On Saturday April 7th Shaggy wrote. If you solutjon after a seriously tough puzzle then go for this one, it looks great and will keep you busy for a long time. Hanaama is so complex that I doubt anyone could help untangle it from that unique position – you may be better off buying another copy for yourself – luckily it is a very cheap puzzle.

Chris Lang Ham 20 April at Kevin 5 July at The puzzle is great imo, finally I found a hanayama, that kept me busy for a really long time. Kevin 18 November at Taking it apart went fast, then I read Brian’s review, and I decided to work on it only when I am traveling to work. If you just turn and twist it arround in your hands without much attention it can get some results but it also doesn’t make things much clearer, especially with the hard puzzles.


I think this has been the hardest one so far. On Wednesday July 30th Alex wrote.

Therefore I recruited some help from Youtube. So with these ominous words ringing in my ears I decided I should have a go too. One of the videos showed a guy using a very worn Quartet and one of the moves was not possible to complete on my version perhaps quatret newer refined version. I still have not gotten it back together. Each time, I got to something that looked promising i.

Finally, I bit the bullet and, like Brian, just went for it, silution to worry about the reassembly later.

Puzzle Solution for Cast Quartet | Puzzle Master Inc

On Tuesday September 13th qkartet wrote. The pieces did seem to be more freely movable but not in any particularly useful way. If you provide an email address above you will be notified when your review is processed. I’ve searched and searched in all the corners of the web and It’s just so exhausting!

Well i managed to solve it and put back together took me 4 days to put it back together and after few soluution of clinging and rotating i managed to put it together backwards but it isn’t so hard to rescue it.

Anonymous 6 October at On Friday April 12th Stephen wrote.