Just out – the Second Edition of the Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards by Tom & Judy Dawson. This new edition, in digital. After a year of work the most important reference work on American playing cards is now available. Working closely with Tom Dawson. : The Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards ( ) by Tom Dawson; Judy Dawson and a great selection of similar New.

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Please login or register. Hochman Encyclopedia of Playing Cards. I will definitely be adding this updated electronic version. Rob Wright on January 23, These two volumes constituted a comprehensive, illustrated listing of certain categories of known non-standard American playing card decks. Author Read times. Judy and I would ask that any errors or typos, etc.

The Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards – Tom Dawson, Judy Dawson – Google Books

Did you miss your activation email? Monday, December 31, I’ve bought several vintage decks over the last year. Enter your User Name below. Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards.

This new edition, in digital format, includes all the content of the original edition of Octoberthe material from the Supplement and over 50 new listings, amendments and items of further information since that time. It will work really nice when I’m down town in the antique stores, doing a little treasure hunting.

For many months he labored away, gochman pictures of new listings discovered and updating material in his original volumes for information which enycclopedia become known, or clearer, since that time.


I’ve already used it a few times. Whether it was a ‘s deck, or an ‘s deck. Will – thanks for the endorsement! For that price, I am not going to wait long. One of the best resources for vintage card knowledge. Thank You for making these digital sets available! This works great on my phone. They agreed to to help and soon found themselves completely in charge of the project as Gene’s health waned and he suffered an untimely death in I didn’t do too bad for the most part.

This combined digital set is a must-have for any collector! If you haven’t purchased this set, but you are reading this, on THIS site, what are you waiting for?

The Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards

Then, on a visit to Gene in by cardd Dawson’s, he asked them to help him finish the rewrite of the Encyclopedia, do some traveling to visit collectors and photograph hard to find decks, and arrange the publishing with old friend Stuart Kaplan of U.

Didn’t know if I was getting a good deal or not.

Enter your Password below. I was flying blind. Home Help Search Login Register.

NEW Hochman Encyclopedia of American Playing Cards Now An Ebook! | | Conjuring Arts

Hohman who purchased the digital version will be notified that revised files are available and sent a download link. So I ordered this about a week ago. These books were a prodigious effort, requiring a huge amount of research, and many, many hours of typing, photographing and compilation — all in days when the technology for this type of project was a far cry from that available today. Thank you infinitely for your work and this update! Also, we plan to revise the files periodically for corrections, additions, new information, etc.


Progress on the consolidated version was slow, but it was ultimately completed in the fall ofwith many new entries and better quality pictures all contained in one playying.

I got a full house and four people encycoopedia. I’ve been able to check some of my old purchases as well. Anger is an acid that can do more harm to the vessel hochmann which it is stored than to anything on which it is poured.

It is now available, together with an updated Price Guide completed with the assistance of a number of worldwide collectors, from the Conjuring Arts Research Center http: Finally downloaded my copy of both books, as well as a number of other fine PDFs from Conjuring Arts.

Last night I stayed up late playing poker with Tarot cards. This purchase is a “no-brainer” for pplaying who loves cards. Member Login User Name: The revision included over listings on americzn than typeset pages, over black and white pictures and a 24 page colored insert. However, he found it was eating into the time he relished for other activities that had become part of his new way of life in the warmer climes of the south.