Compiling Report Design, Filling Reports, View and Print Reports, Exporting, example demonstrates − how to view a report using the JasperViewer class −. document that can be viewed, printed, or exported to other formats. The screenshot shows the Jasper viewer displaying the report. Exporting to Other Formats Reports can be exported to several formats. (or by using the JasperViewer utility included with JasperReports), exporting reports is.

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HI Martin, My experience with this symptom is that the margins are not set correctly when sending to a printer. I am currently working on one report using this framework and I am able to display the report data jaspervieaer in JasperViewer. Sign up using Email and Password.

The strange thing is jdeveloper didn’t give me any error regarding these missing jars while I was saving the report in pdf or xls format from jasper viewer. Sign up or log in Sign up using Google. In this tutorial, we have created a report with JasperReports library and displayed it in a Swing application with JRViewer.

The report is shown in the Jasper Viewer. Below is my code: I took a very good search of the problems related to the “HP Officejet all in one ” and found a lot of customers complaining similar to your own. Martin, if you run the report to the viewer and then select “save to” to PDF do you have the error or is it only for “save to printer”?

Let’s write a target viewFillReport to the build. I don’t have iReports on a computer in my customer netwrok, so that I have to test later. The following code demonstrates the printing of a report. Board index All times are UTC. Hi Tom, When I export the report to pdf, and print the pdf from Adobe, then it is printing correct. Now, let’s save this file to the directory C: The issue was that I was missing iText The following application loads data from a bean collection data source and creates a report from it with JasperReports library.


A text field in a detail band is evaluated for each record in the data source. Is there someone who knows what causes this and how I can solve this?

I have upgraded the servoy plugin that uses the next version of JasperReports.

Exporting into Excel format using jasper reports

Write a main class file JasperReportFill. Adobe is complaining that file it is not a supported file or file name is damaged. For the case of the PDF there might be automatic scaling going on to ensure printable area of a page is used and not the small unprintable area near the sides.

Excel is saying that extension does not match, I understand that this could be because I have xlsx in my machine and trying to open a file with xls extension. What version jaseprviewer Java? Martin Servoy Developer Version 5. We will compile and execute this file using ANT.

I’m not using some pdf printer tool. To view exoort using this class, we need to wrap it into an ANT target. On of my colleagues told me that perhaps some postscriptdriver must be installed on that printer.

Servoy Forum

There are two fields in the template. I have a report created with Jasper. This class can also be customized as per the application needs, by sub classing it. If that setting is on, then the last line is not printed.


Viewing and printing of the Jasper documents will be discussed in this chapter and exporting will be discussed in the next chapter i. Could that be a reason? The report is displayed in a small Swing application with jaserviewer help of the JRViewer component. Servoy Exporg Discuss Servoy here! So I would try to use the latest iReport compatible with the JasperReports 3. This text field displays country names. Post jasperviiewer a guest Name. JasperReports is an open-source reporting library. Sign up using Facebook.

Problem is that we don’t have found a postscript driver for all the printers with this problem. Unfortunately the last line is still not visible on the print. What printer is problematic model expotr

Using JasperReports’ JRViewer to display report

I was testing and gave a file name as test report and size of file is very small since there is only one record in the report. A text field is an element which contains an associated expression that is evaluated with every iteration in the data source to obtain the text content to be displayed.

JasperPrint represents a page-oriented document that can be viewed, printed, exort exported to other formats. In jaspsrviewer case, it is going to be viewed with JRViewer.

You got a message when you had opened a generated pdf file?