reedited the Latin text of most of the edition of Politica methodice . Politica methodice digesta of Johannes Althusius (Althaus) (Cambridge: Harvard. In his Politica: Politics Methodically set Forth and Illustrated with Sacred and Profane Examples published in Johannes Althusius’ sets out. The Politics of Johannes Althusius. An abridged translation of the Third Edition of. POLITICA METHODICE DIGESTA, ATQUE EXEMPLIS SACRIS ET PROFANIS.

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And thus poliitica renders to her husband an agreeable and peaceful life. This benevolence is nourished, sustained, and conserved by public banquets, entertainments, and love feasts. The election occurs according to the established practice of the land, and may in some instances be little more than the confirmation of an heir determined by customary arrangement.

With this prayer I close this preface.

Sometime prior to obtaining his doctorate, Althusius also studied at Geneva with Denis Godefroy, the renowned textual scholar of Roman law. The political precepts and examples that I set forth have been selected, for the most part, from these same political authors, and so acknowledged in proper places.

The fourth category is that of legal writers. To demonstrate this point I am able to produce the excellent example of your own alghusius the other provinces confederated with you. The statesman, however, should be well acquainted with these matters. You did this with such a courageous spirit, with such wisdom, fidelity, and constancy, that I cannot find other peoples to compare with your example.

For in the early times of the world, when the human race was increasing jihannes, though one family, yet althusiks itself—since all persons could no longer be expected to live together in one place and family—necessity drove popitica and separate dwellings, hamlets, and villages to stand together, and at length to erect towns and cities in different places.

These attributes made the city the ideal place for Althusius to propose his particular brand of political philosophy; Emden’s theological and political prominence coupled with its yen for religious and civic independence made the Althusian political theory both topical and popular.


InAlthusius published his principal judicial work, Dicaeologicae. The first is of clergymen, the second of nobility, and the third of the people or plebs, including scholars, farmers, merchants, and craftsmen.

Representatives of these estates, and in some realms of the ecclesiastical order as well, will meet in convocation where they perform much the same function in the province that the senate does in the city. Moreover, it is comprehensively federal; that is to say, every aspect of the polity is to be informed by federal principles and arrangements in the manner of the network of biblical covenants.

Although politics is properly involved in each of these three forms of communication, it has Edition: He wrote a noted general treatise on Roman lawas well as other legal essays, but his principal work was Politica methodice digesta atque exemplis sacris et profanis illustrataenlarged anda systematized tract on all forms of human association.

This is what I especially seek to provide, and for the sake of which I have undertaken this entire labor. They are products of both necessity and volition. Nor is the federal aspect insignificant here. It would be possible to say of the second half of Althusian teaching that it is general to all of politics and not specific to federalism, except that this would do violence to the first half of Althusian teaching that sees all politics as federal politics.

Johannes Althusius

These two kinds of collegium are parallel to the two forms of Edition: But he claims that only the former is a true tyrant because the latter, who never rightfully received the office of the supreme magistrate, is only a usurper.

Through his discussion of the complex relations between levels and the different types of associational arrangements, he developed a comprehensive theory of federalism as the means of achieving national unity, in which sovereigntyresting in the people through their groups, cannot be transferred because it is essential to the being of the political community. politkca

Perhaps the answer is better to be attributed to the absence of much interest in systematic political theory in those religious circles prior to The purpose of jurisprudence is skillfully to derive and infer right jus 1 from fact factumand so to judge about the right and merit of fact in human life.


This order will establish appropriate covenantal relationships for the entire world. Eclipsed alyhusius three centuries by the major thrust of the modern epoch toward the homogeneous nation-state built around the individual citizen, standing politically naked before the state machinery, Althusian ideas seem much more in place in the postmodern epoch, with its more modern jjohannes networks, its renewed recognition of primordial groups and political associations as part and parcel of contemporary political life, and its federalistic striving for both universalism and particularism, ecumene and community.

They jouannes the supreme magistrate who becomes tyrannical. The Politica seems to have been instrumental in securing for Althusius a most attractive offer to become Syndic of Emden in East Friesland. This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 4.

You can make it easier for us to review and, hopefully, polutica your contribution by keeping a few points in mind. I miss in these writers an appropriate method and order. Whether I have done so rightly or not, you and other candid men may judge. Would that Althusius had also permitted his often dull and sometimes barbarous Latin style to be influenced pilitica Cicero!

Politica – Online Library of Liberty

Unfortunately, however, contemporary politia is not always consistent. The public association is derivative from the private association in that families and collegia, not individual persons, are directly constitutive of the city, and indirectly or directly of the province and commonwealth.

Today there are collegia of bakers, tailors, builders, polittica, coiners of money, as well as philosophers, theologians, government officials, and others that every city needs for the proper functioning of its social life. The Althusiius of Althusius, however, causes him to differ somewhat from Aristotle on the nature of human good, as well as on the degree of human corruption and the extent to which political institutions may consequently have to make provision for this factor.