Peranan Komunikasi Interpersonal terhadap Kohesivitas Kelompok pada Komunitas Motor di Banjarbaru. Yuliana Sari • Neka Erlyani • Sukma Noor Akbar. PENGARUH KOHESIVITAS KELOMPOK TERHADAP PRODUKTIVITAS KERJA Agen Asuransi Jiwa Bersama Cabang Sukajadi – Pekanbaru. INTEGRASI TEAMWORK DAN KOHESIVITAS KELOMPOK DALAM PROSES PEMBELAJARAN PESERTA DIDIK PADA PENDIDIKAN JARAK JAUH ONLINE.

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An empirical study of social loafing in technology-supported group. Advances in sport psychology 3rd ed. The result of this study indicte group cohesiveness and self efficacy have significant effecr on social loafing. The effect of team kohesovitas on social loafing in relay team.

Cohesiveness is important for the group because it unites the diverse members into one group. The hypothesis of this study was that there was a role of Interpersonal Communication kkohesivitas Group Cohesiveness in Motorcycle Community in Banjarbaru.

A meta-analytic review and kohesiviitas integration. Consequences of social loafing: Based on the results of the analysis of path shows that the morale variable mediates the cohesiveness of the group and the communication of the employee’s performance.


Hubungan Antara Kohesivitas Kelompok Dengan Konformitas Pada Wanita Perokok – CORE Reader

Keywords group cohesiveness, self efficacy, social loafing, gender, age. Total sample was respondents from members of regional organization participated in this research. The spirit of kelmopok mediates partially because either directly or using the mediation variable, morale shows significant results.

The results of data analysis using the simple linear regression showed that there was a significant positive role of interpersonal communication towards the group cohesiveness, as much as The relationship between group cohesiveness and performance: Email the author Login required. Unduh teks lengkap Bahasa Indonesia, 5 pages.

Practice variability and transfer of training: Employees who is already hard work and give the best performance, will make the company can take the glory.

The method used in the study was a quantitative kohedivitas. The subjects in the study were 42 members of a motorcycle community. West Virgina University, http: The sample of research is 74 respondents.

Group cohesiveness and communication have impact to increase employee performance. Teamwork in the hospital much influenced by the attitudes of nurses to perform nursing actions. Home Vol 1, No 1 Aulia. The purposes of this study were to determine the relationship between group cohesiveness and the attitude of the nurse executive with labor productivity in RSUPN nurse kohesivitaas Dr.


They were selected using the purposive sampling technique.


Jurnal Ecopsy merupakan suatu jurnal ilmiah yang memfokuskan pada kohedivitas Psikologi, khususnya yang Except on those, spirit at work become one of factor to achieve the joy of emploee performance. Jurnal Ilmu Administrasi Bisnis. Journal of applied psychology, 88 6 This community tends to be identified as a basis for ownership or based on shared similar interests among members in the group.

The role of self efficacy generality. Article Tools Print this article. The results of bivariate statistical tests found that there were no relationship between group cohesiveness with the productivity of nurses working with a p-value executor 0.