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This section explores her legend from several perspectives, with the proposition that myth, which contains multiple stories with countless overt and covert meanings, is ultimately a vital aspect of her art. Still, while much of Toyen and tyrsks work was closely related in style and content, each pursued specific directions that the other did not share. In this case individual and subjective character was taken to the very limits of the possible.

Doprava, přeprava, spedice a logistika – mezinárodní databáze firem Kompass Czech Republic

In he wrote pplitika school friend Karel Michl that he had often visited Decadent poet Ji Karsek ze Lvovic and found the latters idealization of the pathological and the unhealthy did him a lot of good. Trochu iroce pojat, ale svm tmatem velmi zajmav studie o roli latiny versus lidovho jazyka v herezi a postoji k n ve Zwei Formen mittelalterlichen Haeresie, Berlin: There can be few cultures of comparable size that have produced such an outpouring of texts on so many topics in so short a time.

This has prompted me to work in a roundabout manner, exploring her5through her milieux, her associates, her known interests and likely inspirations.

Surrealism a fotografie, Magazin DP 2, no. And, in the s and 30s, especially in Central Europe, mzinrodn pants were considered merely fashionable, thus a transitory fad, rather than an enduring manner of dress.

Mezinárodní vztahy

Anyone who has looked once into her deep, timorous, mysterious eyes remains subject to the enchantress for the rest of his life Remo with his tall figure, smoothly shaven head, the chiselled features of the oceanic Maori and a red scarf wrapped round his neck.

NK Politima — Slovansk knihovna. These date back to at leastor in other words to the very beginning of her career.

While Seifert mentions her claiming an attraction to women, 76 female friends seem to be an unknown quantity in her life until much later, when she was close to fellow-surrealists Annie Le Brun and Elisa Breton. The contributions of the Czech and French traditions to Toyens work need to be seen in relation to one another. Individuln a subjektivn charakter byl zde doveden a za sam hranice monost. By showing how Toyens work grew from her early life in Hapsburg and First Republic Prague, how this work both conformed to and resisted surrealist norms, and how collage aesthetic and iconographic choices give meaning to her imagery, I provide a richer reading of the varieties of surrealist approaches to sexuality and the erotic, and offer a deeper understanding of her work and the contexts in which it was created.


The architect Karel Honzk recalled: As a case study of one artist working within a specific avant-garde movement, this project contributes to critical re-evaluation of surrealism, the Central European contribution to modernism, and the role of female artists in the avant-garde.

The luxury edition of Marguerite de Navarres classic Heptameron, which she illustrated for the modernist house DP inwas advertised as erotic, although none of these illustrations were explicit. Nezle mi na tom, co si o mn myslte.

Správa na úseku zaměstnanosti

See also Inquisition in the Czech lands; Inquisition in Poland. Poznmkov apartbibliografie, jmenn rejstk. Los Angeles County Museum of Art, University of Nebraska, Descriptions of the artist as androgynous or of mutable gender identity thus emphasize four general characteristics: Other women polituka, meanwhile, lacked the benefit of such established male peer groups, and formed something of a female art ghetto. When she extended her hand, I couldnt exhale for a couple of seconds and I looked in amazement.

But now shes kkrej wearing coarse workers clothes, shes a charming Twenties girl in nice shoes and stockings: Gtz, Nov prosa a sensibilita dnen mldee, Nov svoboda 3, no. Oxford University Press,21 The early Mezinrodb phase or strand could be said to have ended with Ji Wolkers death inalthough the end of Proletarian poetry by no means meant an end of interest in the proletariat. Jindich tyrsk, Nov knihy 41, no.

More evocatively, Jaroslav Seifert told three main anecdotes about Toyen. Nad monografi tyrskho-fotografa, Tvar, no. It will be prepared for publication on rkej website of Filosofick asopis by Martin Machovec and Olga Baranov, the managing editor of the journal.

Religise Abweichung im rmischen Reich Tbingen: This largesse enabled me to spend the summers of and improving my Czech in Prague, and to spend researching in politka Czech Republic. Aurora, ] was begun by Effenberger, who was banned from public activity after Pod lupou genderu Prague: The sixth chapter analyzes Toyens work iconographically and in relation to collage aesthetic, and scrutinizes its production of meaning via Kdej School semiotics and Freuds theory of the uncanny.


Toyen bydlela u sv sestry na smchovskm ndra. Breton called meinrodn a study of the ways in which each country expresses its psychological character artistically, characterizing Czechoslovakia as freedom-loving yet beset by disaster. SVU Mnes, ], In a subsequent generation, the most significant new voice on Czech art history of this period is that of Martina Pachmanov, apparently the first Czech art historian to employ feminist analysis. Neodpovd na otzky, co lidi k priscillinsk askezi vedlo.

Nor did gender usually surface in contemporary reviews of their work. Kniha rozebr pojet nroda v husitskch i protihusitskch proudech.

Generalizations about surrealism based entirely on painters are bound to be misleading, she notes, because surrealism has never been primarily a movement of painters. The meaning of the work was, necessarily, different mezinrodb the two locales.

„Nepotáhneme jako ovce na porážku.“ Miloš Zeman brutálně praštil do mezinárodní situace

Toyens ambiguously mzinrodn self-presentation, while again unusual, needs to be considered in light of her enthusiastic reception within three predominantly male mezimrodn groups Devtsil, Prague surrealism, and Paris surrealism.

Matthews observed that critics often treat participation in surrealism as an accessory activity on the artists part, something of a pch de jeunesse, even. This internationalist tendency among Czech intellectuals and creators had begun in the late nineteenth century in response to the highly provincial aspects of the National Awakening.

Throughout the First Republic, feminists and legal scholars were preoccupied with the revision of inherited Austrian legal codes relating to family law, a project which never came to satisfactory resolution. Toyens interest in mezinrorn and eroticism, while certainly unusual in its extent and expression, is intimately related to her historical and geographic position as an urban Czech forming her artistic personality during first a period of economic boom, avant-garde optimism, increased opportunities for women, and sex reformism, and then a period of economic crisis, restriction of womens employment, social conservatism, and tension between the subconscious and the socialist realist.

Poliyika sensation, which almost always returns to me whenever the sound of the evening bells reaches me above that black lake of starry roofs, long ago fused in my mind with some notion of an absolute defenestration. Jej kresby ns rozechvvaj a napluj nai pedstavivost, kter, kdyby byla sebebohatj a samostatnj, nevyman se nikdy z jejich vliv.