Lectures on Calvinism [Abraham Kuyper] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Kuyper presents Calvinism as a life-system of comprehensive. Lectures on Calvinism. Abraham Kuyper. PAPERBACK; Published: 10/4/ ISBN: Price: $ Pages. Trim Size, in inches: X . Kuyper closed his lectures with a claim that for many today sounds preposterous. Do not write him off. Get the book Lectures on Calvinism, and test these words.

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One of the Abraham Kuyper is arguably one of the greatest Christian thinkers of the 19th and 20th centuries. To view it, click here.

Lectures on Calvinism

For here lies the solution of the problem: And thus all true conception of the nature of the State and of the assumption of authority by the magistrate, and on the other hand all true conception. Summary Read this book.

He founded the Anti-Revolutionary Party and was prime minister of the Netherlands between and It possesses the threefold right and duty: I like it how he integrates Calvinism within his worldview. But it was really neat kn see the history of how our modern reformed writers came to these views.

Calvinism: Six Stone-lectures

Only when the last grain of the kuypef leaven had been eliminated, could the Church on earth again become the outer court, from which believers could look up and onward to the real sanctuary of the living God. If sin, as a disintegrating force, had not divided humanity into different sections, nothing would have marred or broken the organic unity of our race.

Has the virtue of elaborating a single powerful theme: Not because of any hatred against priests, as such, not because of any undervaluing of the saints, nor underestimating the significance of angels, but solely because Calvin felt bound to vindicate the essence of religion and the glory of God in that essence, and absolutely devoid of all yielding or wavering, he waged war, with holy indignation, against everything that interposed lectuures between the Soul and God.

The consequence of all this is that on the one hand. And this not as was done in the French Revolution, by setting God aside and by placing man on lecturss throne of God’s Omnipotence; but on the contrary, by causing all lectuges, the magistrates included, to bow in deepest humility before the majesty of God Almighty. Lectures on Calvinism is an important book.


Therefore, Calvinism could not rest until this worldly tinsel had ceased to charm and attract the eye. In all religion God Himself must be the active power. There is no other right, but the immanent right which is written down in the law. Over one hundred years ago, Dutch theologian, politician, and educator Abraham Kuyper delivered six remarkable addresses at Princeton University on the importance of Reformed theology in every part of our lives.

Therefore he that resisteth the power, withstandeth the ordinance of God. It is the sword of war to defend the honor and the rights and the interests of the State against its enemies.

Lectures on Calvinism – Abraham Kuyper : Eerdmans

To a great extent Calvin entered o the harvest of what the hero of Wittenberg had sown in and outside of Germany. And then we admit that the impulse to form states arises from man’s social nature, which was expressed. The duty of the government to extirpate every form of false religion lectured idolatry was not a find lectudes Calvinism, but dates from Constantine the Great, and was the reaction against the horrible persecutions which his pagan predecessors on the imperial throne had inflicted upon the sect of the Nazarene.

Nay, even Anarchy, conceived as the attempt to undo all mechanical connections among men, together with the undoing of all human authority, and to encourage, in their stead, the growth of a new organic tie, arising from nature itself – I say, all calvnism is nothing but a looking backward after a lost paradise. And yet he does not hesitate to state, in an ideal sense, that the most desirable conditions exist, where the people itself chooses its own magistrates.

And even if I am forced to admit that our fathers, in theory, had not the courage of the conclusions kuhper follow from this liberty of conscience, for the liberty of speech, and the liberty of worship; even if I am well aware that they made a desperate effort to hinder the spread of literature which they disliked, by censure and refusal of publication -all this does not set aside the fact that the free expression of thought, by the spoken and printed word, has first kuyyper its victory in the Calvinistic Netherlands.


As a baby Calvinist, I found this book inspiring because it showed me how the Prostetant Reformation has deeply impacted Western Civilization and Culture. But the impelling force of the French Revolution did not lie in this hatred of abuses.

His passion for education resulted in the founding of Amsterdam Free University and numerous other colleges. For, in like proportion as you degrade yourself, by bowing low to a child of man, whose breath is in his nostrils; so, on the other hand do you raise yourself, llectures you submit to the authority of the Lord of kuyyper and earth.

However, most, not all, of what Kuyper writes I wholeheartedly embrace as biblical Christianity and, yes, this kind of Calvinism is a good reflection of Jesus and God’s word.

Kuyper beschrijft het ontstaan van de leer van Johannes Calvijn, en betrekt Abraham Kuyper, voorvechter van het Nederlandse calvinisme en oprichter van de Anti-Revolutionaire Partij voorloper van CDAbeschrijft in deze zes lezingen zijn visie op het Calvinisme in religie, in kunst, in de staat, in de geschiedenis, in de wetenschap en in de toekomst. Calvinism prophesied a redemption of lectudes nature also, to be realized in the reign of celestial glory.

Another must procure for him what he cannot procure for himself. And as regards blasphemy, the right of the magistrate to restrain it rests in the God-consciousness innate in every man; and the duty to exercise this right flows from the fact that God is the Supreme and Sovereign Ruler over every State and over every Nation. He starts with, three main relationship for every Calvinist.

The lecture “Calvinism and Art” was the best.