Routined Manipulation: Finale [Lewis Ganson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Routined Manipulation Part I [Lewis Ganson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. Routined Manipulation. Part 1 [lewis ganson] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. This is part one of two. Lewis Ganson was an Associate of.

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Every item is carefully selected under the watchful eye of cofounders, and professional magicians Joshua Jay and Andi Gladwin. Sending to our UK warehouse Typically takes 2 – 3 days. Three cards are placed on top of each. The card stopped at proves to be the spectator’s card. A paddle routine using wooden matches. A card is selected and returned to the deck.

Four aces form a diamond. Don’t hesitate on this one.

The egg is broken into a bowl to prove it is real. We ship to you directly from within the UK. Magic shop we’re proud to produce great magic books, tricks, downloads and DVDs.


Routined Manipulation – Lewis Ganson | FUN Incorporated

Coins in a clear glass are dumped into the hand, then invisibly tossed back into the glass 97 A “Coins In Glass” Routine: The performer demonstrates how the card will be discovered by spelling his own name. The aces leave the piles and join a chosen ace one at a time. Adapted from Hans Kaiser routine. As soon as the package is dispatched you’ll receive a link to track it on this page. Description Routined Manipulation Volumes 1 – 2 by Lewis Ganson People often inquire about where they can find material on sleight routiend hand manipulation, as this knowledge is scattered all around the magic literature.


Routined Manipulation Part One – Vanishing Inc. Magic shop

Cards are produced from the hand, even with the fingers spread. The selected item is out of stock, please select a different item or combination. The heads disappear, change places, and change colors! Routined Manipulation Part One Interested in Routined Manipulation Part One?

A shuffled pack is placed on the performer’s palm. Routined Manipulations Part 2 Routined Manipulations Part 2 is packed with enough magic to last you a Who are Vanishing Inc.


While most other UK magic shops hide what happens manipulaation the scenes, we want you to know exactly how routindd work. There are even sections on how to present manipulation for an audience. Click here to unsubscribe. Products You May Like. The Performer tosses a deck of cards in the case and puts it on the table. We send you tracking info Typically takes 2 days. A poker hand is dealt, with the Performer’s hand being dealt from the bottom, of course with good results.

Routined Manipulation – Vols. 1 – 2 – by Lewis Ganson

While they don’t offer any guarantees, MyHermes tend to deliver your order within two days. All effects are completely explained and routined.

Includes types of cards to use, preparing the packs, colour changing fan, splitting the fans, the circle of cards, and more 50 Crazy Fans: