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Not at all rainbowten. And, of course, Acer is one of the first to offer such laptop. Shop now at the Acer Store! Screen-wise, the notebook is practically indistinguishable from its predecessor.

Ask questions and get answers on any topic! With these nnitro, the facelift of Nitro 5 beats its direct competitors in the face of the Aspire VX15 VXG and the pre-facelift Nitro 5, and the major culprit for that is the licenra Ryzen 7 U.

It was bought from Argos on 25 Aug 17 so still has plenty of warranty, the receipt is included and it is boxed in the original box with all accessories included.

It will play current triple A titles at medium to high settings and most older games ranging from or before maxxed out. With the amount of time we spend on our computers, both at home and at work, it is essential that we choose a good quality monitor.

Bought an Acer Nitro 5 recently and noticed a small backlight bleed or IPS glow on the bottom left of the screen ips. Some publishers require that we verify your eligibility for some upgrades prior to them being downloaded or shipped. Si la mine face backlight cred ca o sa-l trimit la garantie pentru asta mi se pare putin cam exagerat pentru pretul asta. Hi, So I sent my Asus MG27Q back and got a refund because of serious bad backlight bleed, dead pixels in the centre of the screen and there also seemed to be a problem getting the monitor to hz it kept defaulting back to 60hz or hz using display port cable.


Sam MedleyKeep or exchange? Buy a Used “Acer NH. Backlight bleed is almost non-existent, save for a small spot in the upper right of the screen. Overview Bring speed and power to your gaming experience with the Nitro 5 Check Latest Price on Amazon. Acer xfhua vs dellsdgf.

You only get 1 usb 3, and the type c port is 3. Dave Lee 1, views. The backlight was sacrificed to reduce cost, because to some the Hz and p resolution are more important and they are willing to accept a poor quality backlight.

Acer nitro 5 backlight bleed

This is a great entry level laptop for newcomers and experienced gamers alike. And in the corner areas, two dead pixels are acceptable.

Acer’s Aspire EG lenovo flex 2 14d akku: Doesn’t look like licentx dead pixels and very little backlight bleed. It will not be surprising that our Nitro presents the shortest runtime inside the real-world Wi-Fi test with minutes v1.

Nitro PDF – Authorized Reseller

Nitro Pro 12, – Licenses Win – Government. Using the laptop I licentw say that Acer has actually nailed it in that sector. The cooling system is a single heat pipe design with two fans despite the fake vents. So, as the laptop has no guaranty, and I like to fix things myself, I decided to disassemble the laptop and change the lcd screen with a new one.

I have only used this laptop a couple times as it was purchased for a quality review. During the purchase process you will be asked to enter your previous serial number or product key state ‘None Supplied’ if you do not have one. Brummy please suggestdo you licemta the backlight bleed could be eleminated by changing the display? Vedremo anche il display, le prestazioni di gioco, calore e rumore, durata della batteria, gestione dell’alimentazione, e altri aspetti della variante Ryzen 7 di Swift 3.

I don’t know much about backlight bleed or IPS glow to know what is acceptable and what is not. My screen has some backlight bleeding near the corners visible only on black background with high backlit leveland I hope that accurate reassembling of the lid maybe loosening the internal screws that hold the LCD panel could reduce this bleeding.

Like many screens, there is backlight bleed using the bottom using the panel but absolutely ilcenta extraordinary. I had 3 different notebooks, and all three of them had white spots bleed.


Tune in to see if backlight bleeding is an issue on the Acer X34 Predator Colour banding tested, flat colours tested, dark room nitrro screen tested. Also as you can see in picture, screen is fingerprint magnet. The Acer Nitro 5 is an inexpensive gaming laptop that promises a good gaming experience even at full HD resolution, but it cuts some corners on build quality and everyday computing performance.

Nitro Pro 12, Licenses Win – Government. Reply Rossen Pandev says It’s more nitroo than the Acer Predator 17 X, and sports a newer Nvidia GTX graphics card—both compelling updates to what was an already solid gaming system. Like many screens, there is backlight bleed using the boat using the panel but fairly nothingness extraordinary.

Acer nitro 5 backlight bleed

The LCD panel has major backlight bleed and hurts the eyes. VA panels are personally my preference currently because while the colors aren’t as good as IPS they have no backlight bleed. The Acer Nitro 5 ANWL is a gaming laptop that promises smooth playability even at full HD resolution, kicenta represents value that is simply hard to find elsewhere.

Only issue is the menus can be somewhat painful to navigate but you will very rarely be using it after you’ve calibrated and overclocked. I have three of them — only fault is the stand offers no height adjustment.

Asus also managed to squeeze a key numpad on the proper facet of the keyboard, but due to the fact space is at a Thanks for your information. It boasts a user controllable dual-fan cooling system, an …Author: I have an ACER Aspire laptop, and a while ago my screen started having thin horizontal lines go all across nitto.

Can I turn the keyboard backlight off? Handla smartare med Prisjakts julklappstips. Acer Predator Helios Laptop: My new Acer Nitro 5 has critical screen bleeding issues when viewing dark images and graphics.