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22TCN Ministry of Transport. Technical Criteria on the Design of. 1, mm-Gauge Tracks. Ministry of Transport. 22TCN 7. Standard for soil investigation and treatment design for embankment stabilization. 22TCN 8. Standard for Cone. Based on the Vietnamese Standard 22TCN the design criteria criteria which are defined in the different way in 22TCN and.

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Technical-geo cloth in foundation building on weak ground. Grade separations can be classified into two types: For the bridges with span length 1171-87 than 8m, the cross section must be not restricted. Curvatures having 17-187 radius must be accompanied by the normal minimum radius at both sides; b For small deflection angles, flat horizontal curve radius must be introduced as shown in Table The places of deep cutting or high filling should be compensated by planting vegetation, and piles of waste soil and borrow pits should be redesigned for better forms.

The best intersecting angle should be a right one.


The distance between posts is prescribed in Table When it is necessary, the roadbed must be widened to ensure the remaining part of soil shoulder is not less than 0. Prior – Viability researching report was approved by Minister in May, At places for passing cars such as intersections, merging and diverging maneuvers etc.

R – horizontal curve radius, in meter; Lcht – length of transition curve, in meter. To this end, all the elements of the highway and the highway itself and the surrounding landscape should be coordinated harmoniously. The distance between sign supports must not be less than m and there must be no more than three signs on a support.

It is a continuos yellow or white color stripe, 20cm wide, placed on the stabilized shoulder and close to the edge of pavement. The grade-change curvature can be started from 10m outside the intersecting center. Table 7 – Minimum width of a median Units are given in meter The formation of separating Separated part Safety part Minimum width of a bands stabilized median with curb stones, covers; no constructing piers poles on 0.



Roadbed must be compacted to the standard density rate as given in Table When these two elements are absent, it is formed as follows: Pavement structure of the highway of low category may consist of one layer or two layers that can take on several functions. Locations of signal installation must warn drivers in a timely manner, so that they can make decisions before reaching a point where the reaction might be needed.

However, its dimension must not be less than 15cm. Besides this, the followings should be considered: When the intersecting center is at a high point, it is necessary to pay attention to the examination of sight distance. Table 25 – Selection of letter height based on sign reading distance Sign reading distance, m 50 80 Letter height, cm 6 10 14 18 22 25 Number of information letters: Hardly rock, lightly weathered cracking 16 1: In this case, the possibility of vehicle passing must be considered in case the climbing lane is occupied by a broken down vehicle.

Besides Vietnamese, the use of more than one foreign language is not recommended.

R – curvature radius of a point on the clothoid, in meter; L – length of the arc from the beginning of the curvature 17-187 the considering point; in meter; A – curvature parameter. Soil obtained from all sources must undergo testing and must be placed layer by layer, without mixing up.

Planting has the following purposes: It is necessary to ensure a good dissipation of the flow energy at the outlet of cross drainage structures for preventing erosion. Then, revolve the whole cross section about the pavement edge on concave side of the curve to the full rate of superelevation. Technical survey for pile foundation design and construction.


It is recommended to use international symbols rather than letters, sentences must be succinct. Artificial lighting may be considered at the following places: Name of locations mentioned in signs must be consistent, causing no doubt of confusion to the highway users.

The bicycle lane is for one-way traffic and it is placed on the right hand of the outer motorized lane. In the grade separations, the traveled part of major roadway must not be restricted in comparison with that at near approach and far exit side of intersection.

The bus stops must be not located on curvatures with radius value smaller than the normal minimum horizontal curve radius. Design Survey Process of highway foundation the weak ground.

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These courses are divided into several layers. Culverts must have upstream and downstream structures to prevent water scouring the roadbed body. The surface of underwater and overflow roads is to be paved with concrete slabs or rock blocks not movable by water flow. The distance from outer cable suffered wind 2 4 6 deflection to road edge 8. However, there is no need to place this berm when there is a protected wall, or when the height of cut slope is lower than 2. When the traveled way is four lanes or more, repeated signs must be installed on the left hand, or overhead signs should be used.