MuVo TX FM as Knowledgebase Solutions, drivers, application updates and product documentations available on the Creative Customer Support website. We have 2 Creative Muvo Muvo TX FM 1GB manuals. Creative Muvo Muvo TX MB: User Guide. Related Products for Creative Muvo Muvo. User’s Guide MuVo TX FM Information in this document is subject to change without notice and does not represent a commitment on the part of Creative.

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Press the Scroller to mark the begining of the portion you wish to repeat.

Creative Muvo Muvo TX 256MB User Manual

Other types of files will be skipped. Use the Scroller to increase or decrease the LCD contrast.

Creative Mediasource Creative Only basic instructions on how to use Creative MediaSource with your player are provided in this chapter— extensive instructions are found in the MediaSource MediaSource Help file.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. This chapter includes basic instructions on using You must already have one of the following applications listed in Requirements below on your computer to perform thi This tells you about shortcuts or hints relating to a feature. Creative has tested this driver or update on Windows XP, and it does not impair or destabilize your computer. Muvo muvo tx fm 1gbMuvo txMuvo tx fmDap-td – muvo tx fm mb mp3 playerNomad muvo tx.


Playback Icons Playback Icons The following icons appear onscreen when the associated playback action is used. Page 53 Depending on which EQ setting you want, follow the corresponding step: This highlights proper usage of your product. Creative Only basic instructions on how to use Creative MediaSource with your player are provided in this chapter— extensive instructions are found in the MediaSource MediaSource Help file.

Scroll Select the Scroller mode icon Figure to switch to the different views. Do not expose to heat or incinerate. This may be useful for left-handed users.

Creative Muvo Tx Fm Manual Guide – lessonsupload

Creative Mass Storage Driver 1. Playing Music Tracks Playing music Follow these steps crreative play music tracks. Scroll Select the Skip Folder icon Figure Creative Media Explorer version 6. To edit information about a track 1. The preset channel disappears. Creative Media Explorer 6. Caring For Your Player Double-click the downloaded file.

The lower the number, the lower the LCD contrast. FM [Current File Number].

To start the installation program through the My Computer shortcut menu 1. Double-click the file and follow the instructions on the screen. The following Play Modes are available: Back up any audio or data files creaitve your player to your computer before installing the firmware. To install this firmware: Shuffling music The Shuffle Play Mode can manuall used to shuffle all tracks or tracks in a folder once, or to repeatedly shuffle all tracks.


You will lose all content in your player when you install the firmware. The naming convention typically used is: The Contrast screen Figure appears. More information about the Gracenote security update is available from http: Don’t have an account? Added Features or Enhancements: Some operations consume more battery power: Make sure your player is connected to your computer. This feature is useful when you do not want any buttons for example, unlocking your Pause pressed accidentally. To define your own EQ settings 1.

Music tracks stored in your player are automatically played back. Scroll Select the Delete Preset icon Figure To install the driver, do the following: At the end of the autoscan, it plays the first channel.

To switch between modes, see “Music Playback” Scroll Select the Settings icon Figure

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