DSE. Pin TSSOP. DSEN Pin TSSOP (Industrial). PIN ASSIGNMENT. DS Serial Alarm Real Time Clock (RTC) VCC2. 1. DS Maxim Integrated Real Time Clock Serial Alarm RTC 3-Wire datasheet, inventory, & pricing. Maxim Integrated DS+: available from 18 distributors. Explore Integrated Circuits (ICs) on Octopart: the fastest source for datasheets, pricing, specs.

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Write protection and clock halt enable oscillator are bit 6 and 7 respectively in the control register. Vcc 2 w'” Power the DS If the corresponding alarm interrupt enable bit is enabled, an interrupt output is activated. For Larger Image Figure 2.

On the initial application of power, the DS powers up with the trickle charger disabled. The internal oscillator ds3105 designed for operation with a crystal having a specified load capacitance of 6pF.

Dallas Semiconductor

Two time of day Alarms. The simplified schematic ofthe DS When bit 7 of the day, hour, minute, and seconds alarm registers is set to a logic 1, alarm occurs every second. When V cci is less than VCc 2Vcc 2 will power.


W hen V qq – is less than V qq2, V qq2 will. Two programmable eatasheet alarms are provided by the DS Writing the time and date registers within one second after writing the seconds register ensures consistent data. The day register increments at midnight.


The INT1 pin is an open-drain output and requires an external pullup resistor. The maximum charging current can be calculated as illustrated in the following example. This is what I have: No abstract text available Text: Values that correspond to the day of week are user-defined but must be sequential e.

Connections for Standard I have found a library for the DS ds3105 uses the SPI mode, so that one should have the logic down for controlling time and ratasheet registers.

DS1305 Datasheet PDF

Configuration 3 shows the DS When connected to GND, standard 3-wire communication is selected. Configuration 1 shows the DS being backed up by a nonrechargeable energy source such as a lithium battery.

When reading in burst mode, the user copy is static while the internal registers continue to increment. The INT1 pin is an active-low output of the DS that can be used as an interrupt input to a processor. Ground Serial Ds13055 Mode. The alarms can be programmed by the INTCN bit datqsheet the control register to operate in two different modes; each alarm can drive its own separate interrupt output or both alarms can drive a common interrupt output.


Configuration 2 illustrates the DS being backed up by a rechargeable energy source. Also the CE chip enable is connected to pin The time-ofday alarms can be programmed to assert two different interrupt outputs or to assert one common interrupt output.

Maxim Integrated Products DS DC power is provided to the device on this pin. The DS can also be driven by an external When this bit is set to a logic 1, the oscillator is stopped and the DS is placed into a low-power standby mode with a current drain of less than nA when power is supplied by VBAT or VCC2. When high, the hour mode is selected.

Each alarm can generate an interrupt on acharacteristics of the DS