The purpose of this law is to bring to trial senior leaders of Democratic The statute of limitations set forth in the Penal Code shall be extended for an. ECCC Law & Procedure. Agreement to Establish an Independent Counsellor (pdf ). Law on the Establishment of the Extraordinary Chambers (pdf). Agreement. Negotiating History and Analysis of ECCC Law. The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia* by David Scheffer, Mayer Brown/Robert A. Helman.

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ECCC Law & Procedure

The Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia”. Initially, Kang Kek Iew was sentenced to 35 years imprisonment.

The ECCC has received broad public support. Retrieved from ” https: Khieu Samphan acted as one of the Khmer Rouge’s most powerful officials. Victims statutd the Khmer Rouge are defined as “any person or legal entity who has suffered from physical, psychological, or material harm as a direct consequence of the crimes committed in Cambodia by the Democratic Kampuchea regime between 17 April and 6 January that are under the jurisdiction of the ECCC”.

On August 7,he received life sentences for crimes against humanity.

Since then, Ta Tith has become a wealthy businessman in Cambodia and Im Chaem has become a commune chief in Cambodia’s Anlong Veng District, further speculating political pressure would come to drop charges if these three sfatute ever tried together.

Retrieved 14 March In financing the tribunal, the Cambodian government and the United Nations are both responsible for managing the cost of operations of the ECCC. In addition, nearly 67, people from rural areas in Cambodia have attended ECCC community video screenings.

He was arrested and put into custody in These arrest warrants have not been acted upon by police officials and Muth continues to live in relative peace in Battambang provincewhile his Caseas it is known, continues to be opposed by Prime Minister Hun Sen. After international co-investigating Stautte Laurent Kasper-Ansermet Swiss left his job unexpectedly, it cast more doubt on the court’s ability to pursue more cases such as Case and against the ailing Khmer Rouge leaders.


After lengthy negotiations, an agreement between the Royal Government of Cambodia and the United Nations was reached and signed on 6 June German Co-Investigating Judge Siegfried Blunk criticised Cayley’s statement as a violation of the court’s internal confidentiality eeccc. Sometimes I didn’t know what they were doing ecxc I was in the assembly”. Died on 22 August ; proceedings had been suspended; released under judicial supervision on 16 September because “unfit to stand trial” due to illness [38].

As early as Novemberthe Defence Support Section attempted to assign lawyers to represent the interests of the suspects in Cases and The New York Times. Chaem ran a forced labor camp involving a massive irrigation project in Preah Net Preah and Ta Ann and Ta Tith were two deputies who oversaw massacres in the camp. Retrieved 14 June All international judges have been appointed by the Supreme Council of the Magistracy of Cambodia from a list of nominees submitted by the Secretary-General of the United Nations.

Law on ECCC | Drupal

InCambodia’s two Co-Prime Ministers wrote a letter to the Secretary-General statutee the United Nations requesting assistance to set up trial proceedings against the senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge. Ieng Sary allegedly joined the Khmer Rouge in The Office of Co-Investigating Judges OCIJ undertakes pre-trial investigations of the facts alleged by the Stahute in their Introductory and Supplementary Submissions to determine whether the person s under investigation are to be indicted and sent to trial, or stwtute the case against them should be dismissed.

Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia. After Siegfried Blunk resigned from his job unexpectedly in March over the government’s statements opposing further prosecutions, it was said that while he was not influenced by political statements, “his ability to withstand such pressure by government officials to perform his duties independently, could always be called in doubt, and this would also call in doubt the integrity of tsatute whole proceedings” of Cases and Former Khmer Rouge navy commander Meas Muth remains free despite the issuance of 2 outstanding arrest warrants.


Law on ECCC

Under the agreement between Cambodia and the UN, the tribunal is to be composed of both local and international judges. However, this was reduced owing to his illegal detention by the Cambodian Military Court between and and time already spent in the custody of the ECCC.

Serving sentence of life imprisonment in Cambodia [34]. Cayley appointed as new international Co-Prosecutor”. The end of the Khmer Rouge period was followed by a civil war. A trial monitor for the OSJI claimed that the recent proceedings “don’t meet basic requirements or adhere excc international standards or even comply with the court’s own prior jurisprudence. Crimes against international law.

Khmer Rouge Tribunal – Wikipedia

The OCP processes victim complaints; conducts the preliminary investigations first investigatory stage ; and issues Introductory Submissions to the Office of Co-Investigating Judges where there is sufficient evidence of crimes within the jurisdiction of the ECCC having been committed.

On 7 Augusthe received a life sentence for crimes against humanity. The role of the OCP is to prosecute the senior leaders of the Khmer Rouge and others most responsible for the crimes committed during the period of Democratic Kampuchea. When the regime fell inIeng fled to Thailand and was convicted of genocide and sentenced to death by the People’s Revolutionary Tribunal of Phnom Penh.

On 26 Julythe tribunal found Kang Kek Iew guilty of crimes against humanity, and grave breaches of the Geneva Conventions. Sort by Most relevant Most recent.