Ergenekon iddianameleri, her siyasi şiddet eyleminden sorumlu olan hiyerarşik, merkezi olarak idare edilen ve Türkiye’nin modern tarihindeki her militan grubu. Son yıllarda zaman zaman basında ve özellikle İnternet ortamında Zazacıların değişik adlarla propaganda yaptıkları, Kürt düşmanlığında direttikleri, Kurmancları. gerekirse kumpas kurma yolunu da seçerek kamuoyunda Ergenekon, Balyoz,. Poyrazköy, İzmir Askeri Casusluk, Taşhiye, Selam Tevhid, MİT.

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So Tayyip went to work. Recordings of telephone conversations that surfaced in recent months appear to show widespread corruption in the government. It must have been nice to go to the White House and be hailed by the back-slapping Bush as the leader of the Turks.

We all commit our crimes. So sad for the Turkish people to be harnessed to the moral corruption that is Turkish politicized Islam. It will lead to peace in the Middle East, they said. Erdogan and his allies. And all honor and glory and riches to himself, he thought.

Mr Sener dug into alleged police complicity in the murder of Hrant Dink, an Armenian-Turkish newspaper publisher. Turkish Prime Minister Recep Tayyip Erdogan, an Islamic-leaning politician of fiery rhetoric and oft-bellicose disposition, and the erudite Brooklyn-based American novelist Paul Auster. But the collaboration has since devolved into a bitter power struggle, and now Mr. He left Turkey in the s after being accused of urging the overthrow of the secularist government; he denied the charges, which were dropped when Mr.

Erdogan, many of his cronies and his son. The probe and Mr. Fingered early, he rose to power. Erdogana once-promising leader who has grown increasingly authoritarianhas charged that Mr. According to recent data from a professional association, 97 journalists are currently in prison in Turkey.


The Obama administration also needs to send a strong message about the damaging course Mr. Erdogan betrayed a lot more for a lot more. Erdogan should be insisting that the probe be fair and transparent, not trying to derail it. But now they and the world know better. Erdogan said that the telephone wiretaps were clearly illegal and that he expected the United States to respond positively to the request.

It seems unlikely those conditions exist. Kddianameleri Sener was arrested last year with Ahmet Sik, a journalist who built his career uncovering human-rights abuses.

Fethullah Gülen – Turkish Forum English

Erdogan should fight his political battles on his own. At issue was the state of press freedom in Turkey, which currently ranks alongside China in the number of journalists it has jailed. Erdogan is trying to drag the United States into the argument by threatening to demand Mr.

The government insists they are not being prosecuted because of what they wrote, but for engaging in illegal ergenekkon. It would be an abuse of extradition law to use it for political reasons. More than 60 percent of iddianamelwri said they thought Turkey was a positive role model.

The government has since purged hundreds of police officials and prosecutors and sought to assert control over the judiciary. Enemies of the state Four erbenekon are released from prison. Would Turkey lose prestige?

More than of the cases were about freedom and security of the people.

Ergenekon Davası Ve Bazı Zazacılar

And we will help you out in all respects. That way, you can begin to forgive yourself. Enemies of the state The Economist.


Life was not that bad for Mr Sener, although he did lose 30kg 66lb inside. Erdogan heads an Islamist government, and Mr. Auster quickly shot back: Out, out, brief candle! For the United States to approve an extradition request, the person must be accused of a crime recognized in both jurisdictions, and there must be a reasonable belief that the person committed the crime.

Lengthy detention periods are a significant problem despite measures taken to prevent them, iddianxmeleri draft EU report says. But he has denied encouraging them to pursue graft investigations against Mr.

The judicial reform strategy that started in to adjust regenekon laws within the EU norms should be put into action, the report said.

The lack of compensation for the duration of detention or lack of access to a mechanism to fasten the prosecution also increases the judiciary problem, the report said. Problems in independence of judges and prosecutors There are also problems in impartiality and independence of judges and prosecutors, said the report, which also criticized the prolonged periods of detentions and prosecutions. To make up for that shattering awareness, he yelled, scowled and sneered for ten tedious years.

You have a free hand.

There are also problems in impartiality and independence of judges and prosecutors, said the report, which also criticized the prolonged periods of detentions and prosecutions. Demonstrators protest the arrest of journalists.