political presence in Palestine for over years, TURKEY. The Making of Modern Turkey, by Feroz. Ahmad. London and New York: Society and Economy, ,” “The Multi- [because the] Kemalists had inherited a society in. Feroz Ahmad. Until the period () they tried to remove Islam from political discourse, . As Kemalist Turkey became more secularised, the bonds of Islamic .. found in the ‘economic revolution’ which the Democrats carried out. The. identifies the secularist doctrine of Kemalism as a major obstacle to democratic political .. disorder, political deadlock and economic insolvency,23 the Turkish generals Feroz Ahmad, “The Transition to Democracy in Turkey,” Third World.

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The local business made huge profits during this period. The laisses faire economic policy was obligatory beforebut with the economic crisis and opportunism of the bourgeoisie made the statist policy a pragmatic and legitimate. The ruling elite felt the necessity of a state interventionism. Thus, the Kemalists realized its efficiency at the time period and transformed their economic policy into statism.

Members of the CUP were still active in the foundation of the Republic of Turkey and their economt agenda became the agenda of the young republic. Citations are based on reference standards. They saw that the liberal economic model didn’t create a businessmen class who invested in the production. This was the first and largest of the textile plants, but others were planned for Konya, Nazilli, and Malatya.

Atatürk, founder of a modern state

Please enter your name. The process of industrialization was put into action. The Kemalist elite was very surprised. The non-Muslim population was eliminated by massacres and forced migration. The wheat price dropped as a od of the global economic crisis.


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On 13 Aprila counter-revolution happened, but it was suppressed by the Action Army which was supporting the Unionists’ cause.

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Some features of WorldCat will not be available. Create lists, bibliographies and reviews: Liberal Republican Party of Fethi Okyar was on the stage of politics.

They encouraged industry inthe bill to encourage the Industry. Log In Sign Up. The success was not reflected in the workers’ life. The state supported them wholeheartedly to have a class to run the business life. In WWI period, they were able to abolish the capitulations and they imposed their own protectionist tariffs which gave a proper atmosphere for the existing Muslim-Turkish bourgeoisie. The Kemalists regarded industry and civilization as synonymous, believing that Turkey had to have a strong, balanced and independent industrial economy in order to achieve the goal of civilization.

Their political agenda was shaped by this intention. The state was the main player of the economy.

The Making of Modern Turkey – Ahmad Feroz – Google Books

So, they stocked the goods and when the crisis broke out, this was very detrimental for the economy. The result, in short, was quite successful. This situation had to be changed for the sake of an idealized state.

The committee started reforms to reach this target, but the biggest obstacle was the capitulations which couldn’t be abolished without the sanction of the reroz.

This paved the way for a self- sufficient Turkish Economy. First five-year plan was started in that included 15 factory-construction 12 of which were constructed by the state This was also a catastrophic effect of the crisis on the Turkish economy.


They were performing their economic activities without taxes that the Muslims paid or with a lower one. They were members of a generation that had an opportunity of education as a result of 19th-century westernization reforms. The statist policies were quite successful and its efficiency reflected in the economic growth rate. Ina law to nationalize the railways was passed.

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They worked secretly and they tried to infiltrate into the army which was their ot hope for the revolutionary actions against the tranny. They continued to support the existing bourgeois who sprang during WWI.

WWI was a great catastrophe for Turkey, and the country was in ruins in all aspects. The Kemalist elite saw the efficiency of the statist policies in the example of Soviet Union and thought that statism was very proper a country like Turkey.

After the victory in the Independence War, the political power was politicao the hands of the Kemalists.

Thirdly, as the focal point of the paper, the statist policy in the s is going to be mentioned in detail. The protectionist, statist, and isolationist policies protected the countries who applied them from the catastrophic effects of economic crisis. The s was the era of statist policies in the Turkish history. They planned to construct 30 km of roads proper for motorized vehicles and km of railways by