Forgotten Civilization by Robert M. Schoch, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Robert Schoch’s research, put forth in his book, “Forgotten Civilization – The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future”, points to the. Robert M. Schoch is an American associate professor of Natural Sciences at the College of . Forgotten Civilization, The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future, ISBN Origins of the Sphinx: Celestial Guardian .

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Further Evidence Supporting a Pre B. Forgotten Civilization is a very well written book that not only reflects an excellent scientific research into the origins of civilization but also is highly entertaining and most enjoyable to read.

Schoch has appeared on numerous radio and television shows and is featured in the Emmy-winning documentary The Mystery of the Sphinxwhich first aired on NBC in Blessed Are the Warmongers.

Peratt and his colleagues postulated a major solar outburst in ancient times, but they did not specify a precise date or dates. Date for the Great Sphinx of Giza, Egypt. Combining evidence from multiple scientific disciplines, Schoch shows how the last ice age ended abruptly in BCE due to coronal mass ejections from the Sun.

Visionary Salon: Mysteries of the Forgotten Civilization – Chapel of Sacred Mirrors

He explores within this framework, how many megalithic monuments, underground cities, and ancient legends fall logically into place, as well as the reinterpreted Easter Island rongorongo texts and the intentional burial, 10, years ago, of the Goebekli Tepe complex in Turkey.

In the early s, Dr. He teaches undergraduate science courses, including biology, geology, environmental science, geography, and science and public policy. He explains how these events eradicated the civilization of the time and set humanity back thousands of years, only to reemerge around BCE with scattered memories and nascent abilities.


Inat the invitation of the locals, he investigated the so-called Bosnian pyramid excavations north of Sarajevo, but he concluded that the site held “absolutely no evidence of pyramids per se or of a great ancient civilization in the Visoko region. His conclusion from analyzing the formations is that this is a natural site modified by humans to suit their needs. The Defense of Southern Conservatism.

Forgotten Civilization : The Role of Solar Outbursts in Our Past and Future

For a quarter century Dr. Definitely think the present sunflare activity is responsible for global warming. The Self-Genocide of the West. Schoch contributed an essay to Lost Secrets of the Godsa pseudoarchaeology book which argues for the existence of ancient astronauts. Mark Lehneran American archaeologist and Egyptologist, has disputed Schoch’s analysis, stating, “You don’t overthrow Egyptian history based on one phenomenon like a weathering profile Were the Easter Islanders in fact the keepers of an ancient, long forgotten, knowledge?

Schoch stunned the world with his revolutionary research that recast the date of the Great Sphinx of Egypt to a period thousands of years earlier than its standard attribution.

Forgotten Civilization : Robert M. Schoch :

They also had not considered one other very important thing. Price may vary by retailer.

For assistance in booking your stay, please call ext. These explanations include the assumptions that the island was first colonized by Polynesians about 1, years ago and that they were the ones who erected the gigantic stone heads called moai, carved the petroglyphs, constructed the strange, associated stone houses, and, in the process, brought ecological devastation to their tiny island such that it was a poor and impoverished people whom the Europeans first encountered in Home Contact Us Help Free delivery worldwide.


Perhaps most mysterious of all, what was the meaning of the undeciphered glyphs known as rongorongo texts? Goodreads is the world’s largest site for readers with over 50 million reviews.

Google Gallery of America’s Top Cowboys. He scohch holds an M.

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In Santiago we transferred to a flight bound for New York City and from there caught our flight to Boston, Massachusetts, arriving forogtten on the afternoon of January 6, From the striking cover design to the immense amount of information and facts contained in this book Robert Schoch pulls no punches in dismissing theories and paradigms where he finds that close study of the evidence clearly show that many accepted facts do not stand up to close scrutiny.

Robert Schoch and the Eobert Induced Dar Trying to make sense of the world is what drives me.

Forgotten Civilization

Schoch is best known for his fringe argument that the Great Sphinx of Giza is much older than conventionally thought and that possibly some kind of catastrophe was responsible for wiping out evidence of a significantly older civilization. Peratt, a plasma physicist wchoch with Los Alamos National Laboratory New Mexico who became forgottem in ancient petroglyphs Peratt To me it seems like nonsense that the history of mankind is limited to a few thousand years.

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