: HODEIEN ADOREA (Paperback): Language: Basque. Brand New Book. Hodeien Adorea by Yoseba Peya at – ISBN – ISBN – Susa – – Softcover. HODEIEN ADOREA: Books –

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He is now well hodeieen as one of the younger generation of poets in Ljubljana. New Anthology of Romanian Women. How did she experience her youth in Maribor, being part there of a German speaking community? She has also written several screenplays, theatre musicals and numerous musical presentations and original scores for radio plays, theatre plays and films.

Sincehe has been engaged in film and theatre critique. Inhe wrote and directed the musical theater Swart Langstme Black Desirewhich tells the true story of the murder by the French singer Bertrand Cantat on the actress Mary Trintignant.

In order to characterize this grandma in a realistic way, Hein Jaap Hilarides intends to explore Maribor and its history of the first half of the twentieth century. In Bitola, he will write a literary travel reportage about the Republic of Macedonia, its languages, history and people. Gregor Lozar is a writer. He is an award winner of “Lesnovski zvona” for a best debutant book from a young writer.

He writes in both Slovenian and Italian.

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Both books are historical novels: He is one of the editors of the Frisian literary journal Ensafh, which appears both in print and online. In her career she has taken part in several competitions and won many awards. Jovchevska’s prose and poetry focus on irony, society, humor and satire. Whenever Hodeuen get hurt, I feel the need to let it all out … in any godeien, but mainly in Basque … I want to be a writer … but I am a poet! Hein Jaap Hilarides Maribor.


Born in the town of Gevgelija This time, she intends to base her creation work on the experiences of the people who live on the border. Marija, at hodeiwn 20 years of age, is one of the most promising and ambitious writers in Macedonia.

Bertso nobela: hodeien adorea – HD Photos and Wallpaper Directory

In recent projects she researched tactility in food and feeding, connected with all senses, casting different body parts and making them edible, the reaction of the people when exploring the unknown. During his residency in Macedonia Zdravko would like to work on his translation and screenplay project. He has edited several literary publications and journals: She has been active as a translator for a couple of years now, translating mostly texts from the wider field of humanities, and especially contemporary art collaborations include local art and educational institutions like Kibla, association for culture and education, Subkulturni azil, X-OP, association for contemporary art, Maribor art Gallery and others and education and pedagogy translations from the field of vocational education and training, scholarly articles, etc.

Karen will be staying for 8 weeks in the Irish town of Belmullet this summer.

Aifric Mac Aodha was born in Because he also writes in and translates from Italian, Tomislav is well received in Italy, where he often performs. Kick things off by filling out the form below. In her work she explores senses, hodeine could be connected to how we experience different materials in sculpture and touch, taste or feel them.


Diarmuid is an actor, writer and dramatherapist and is also a drama teacher at all education levels and in the professional sector as well. His literary production to date consists mainly of fanzine articles, poetry collections, travel writings and short stories. Leave a Comment Click here to cancel reply.

While in Maribor, Hilarides plans to work on a new novel. He performed with a band, and as a solo singer too. Inhe took over the newspaper from his grandfather Gerryt Dirks De Jong.

The aim of those competitions is to promote literature and culture. Adreahe took the initiative to write most translations for De Partizanena Frisian tribute to Leonard Cohen, performed by several musicians. He writes prose and poetry in Frisian, Hodeeien, and Dutch. He has also translated the work of the Spanish poet Ernestina de Champourcin into Basque.

Tonnchrith Inntineone of his poetry collectionswas published along with other works in poetry and Irish language magazines. It is my personal mission and guiding force in life.